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WP linkster Review: Save Hours Optimizing Your Sites and Links

WP Linkster, a brand new premium WordPress Plugin I recently installed on my blogs is a terrific, time-saving SEO plugin that combines several well-known plugins into one. This Plugin covers all aspects of internal linking, link cloaking, link tracking and more to enable you to have full control over every aspects of linking on and off your site.  Using this plugin correctly you will be able to improve your online SEO, your rankings and will probably see an increase in your conversion rates, by customizing ugly links into short, converting ones. wp linkster review - all in one seo linking plugin

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 WP Linkster Review

The plugin takes care of three major link aspects: Internal SEO Linking, Link Redirection Link Tracking. It will replace a few plugins that each takes care of a portion of what WP Linksterdoes, thus saving you valuable time and effort. while reducing unnecessary scripts that slow down your site.

WPLinkster Features:

Internal SEO Linking.

You should probably know by now, that internal linking is one key ingredient in onsite SEO, allowing search engines to crawl and find all your content, while delivering link juice from one post to the next. Lets assume you write a new blog post, on one of your blogs. Can you imagine the time it will take you to find the right post to link to it?  The internal link feature enables you to choose a keyword or a phrase and automatically link it to a chosen URL. You have control over how many times you want to use this link per post or page . So within a minute you can have your newly created content perfectly linked from older posts, making it more accessible to your readers and search engines. Unlike many other internal link plugins, you really have full control over the link you want to create and distribute.

 Affiliate Links

Similar to the internal links you’ll be able to quickly add a new affiliate link to appear on your already published , and future posts. You’ll be able to customize your links to appear natural cn convert higher, make them nofollow links and even track those link to learn how to improve your conversion. Furthermore, you can change existing links instantly, meaning that if you have and affiliate link that doesn’t convert well, or one that has ended, you’d be able to quickly change it to a new offer across your entire site.

 Authority Links.

Another important aspect in onsite SEO is to link your content to authority sites. These links provide search engines with additional indication of the relevancy of your site and content. You can now add authority links for each blog post you’d like within minutes.

Link Shortening Tracking

All links are tracked and you’ll get a full review of statics from within the plugin dashboard. You’ll be able to create better looking urls than other URL shortening services, as they will be branded with your domain name, while you’ll know exactly how they perform from within your site.

How To Make Extra Money With WP Linkster

WP Linkster Benefits:

1. Better internal and external linking with a few mouse clicks. Dramatically improves your onsite SEO, for better search engine rankings. 2. Better conversion. Customize and track all your affiliate links. 3.Less Effort, Less Time.  All changes, across your entire blog happen instantly. this plugin is a real-time saver. 4. Reduce Site Load. Site speed, which is affected by many factors, among which the amount of plugins you use, can also contribute to your search engines ranking. You can easily replace 3 essential plugins with WP Linkster:  internal links plugins , link tracking plugins, and url redirects plugins. download wp linkster, price rising fast

WP Linkster is currently sold on a dime sale, prior to being released to the plugin for 77$ on ClickBank. Take advantage of this massive discount price

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