WP Konversion Review

Jul 252012

 WP Konversion- WordPress Marketing Theme

WP Konversion is a new wordpress theme designed to increase conversion rates for your affiliate and CPA offers. This new theme includes built in surveys that are proven to convert high on CPA Offers.  The landing pages you will create have also scarcity features and viral elements to help you promote your offers with no effort.


WP Konversion Demo

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WP Konversion is completely customizable and comes with step by step training on how to find and run profitable CPA campaigns. This product promises to be a business in the box , and the tutorials make it suitable for marketers at any level of training.


download wp- konversion price rising fast

WP Konversion starts at 17$ and will be on sale for 7 days only
( [hilight color=”FFFF00″]offer ends August 1st)[/hilight]

Learn How to make money with WP  Konversion

WP Konversion Bonus

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