Aug 022012

The past two days I’ve been playing around with yet another SEO plugin called Stealth Endorsement optimizer. It’s a niche little plugin that can add some more SEO boost to your site, on autopilot.

All in one SEO - Categories missing

The sales copy and video really don’t do much justice to it, and I think for it’s current price this is a great value for the money, but that’s not what I’m writing you about today, there are more urgent matters to take care of first.

Doing so, I have noticed that the sites I was testing it on had major SEO issues. In fact, it wasn’t just SEO. navigation and human experience were badly effected.

All My Categories Disappeared

What had happened was that all categories I created could not be found. As these categories are the back bone of the blogs, and are targeting the most important keywords on them, these blogs suffered severe ranking drops instantly.

After a long trial and error, I have found the source of the issue.


If you’re using Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin ( which you should) Check your Sites

I opted to strip categories base from categories to make them look more user friendly.
for example turning “dog training videos” at

However, for some reason, after the latest WordPress update, this function did not work properly.

the result was, as I mentioned, that all categories could not be found.  and I quickly saw a drop in rankings and bounce rate went up dramatically.

I’m sure the plugin will be updated soon, but you need to solve this issue now.

Do not wait for another update. what you want to do is to uncheck this option in the permalink menu and install a small plugin called WP No Category Base – WPML compatible

This should do the trick.

Again, if you are using the seo plugin, double check your site and do not delay the solution.

Hope that helped.

If you have any issues, feel free to contact me  and I’ll be happy to help you out.
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