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May 292011

Video Boss 2.0 Review -Is It Worth Your Money?

VideoBoss 2.0 review video marketing training
Video Boss 2.0 is the newest a tutorial course from well known marketer and product creator Andy Jenkins. This coaching program teaches you how to traffic to your websites or products using video marketing . The course covers both  the technical aspects of creating videos, and the video marketing strategies to follow in order to boost your traffic and sales.
Video is becoming the most efficient and popular method for both selling and providing content. Just have a quick look on the latest big launches and see for yourself, everybody’s using videos. In fact, some marketers have recently launched their new products relying solely on video, discarding the long sells letters no one ever reads.
Video marketing is so popular now simply because it is much faster to produce, it generates great leads, videos are much easier to bump into the top search results and finally, video converts a lot better than traditional sells letters.
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Video Boss Prelaunch Free Videos:

Andy Jenkins is giving away valuable free content on his pre-launch videos, I highly recommend taking some notes, as he goes through the following:
The first free video show you how video gets more money than anything, introducing the tools and strategies he uses to produce killer videos that made him over 5,000,000$ in sales. You’ll also see how even simple home- made videos reach Googles top search results.
The second free video, “the Little Boss”, introduces you to the tools Andy’s using to create his marketing videos.
The third free video, “Traffic Boss”, demonstrates how you can get high search engines ranking and get massive traffic with simple video marketing strategies you’d be able to put into use right away.
The last free video introduces you to Andy’s Video Boss Program.

Video Boss 2.0 vs. Video Boss 1.0

Video Boss 2.0 is an improved more user friendly and updated version of Video Boss 1.0.  VideoBoss 2.0 runs on Kajabi allowing more user interaction with other members of the course. It also has more training modules, mainly focusing on the business aspects of video marketing. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Video Boss 2.0 Review:

Video Boss 2.0 is a six modules program that teaches you how to produce and market videos that give away value in order to transform a customer into a buyer:

  • Module 1 – The Video Universe – How to produce high quality videos.
  • Module 2 – The Video Lab – You get an inside look at how Andy’s producing his own video. Absolutely priceless.
  • Module 3 – Live Video Production – Lights, Camera, Sets
  • Module 4 – Traffic Boss – Everything you need to know about turning videos to traffic. You’ll learn how to SEO for videos, How to build links for videos, and use social media traffic for your videos.
  • Module 5 – Andy Reviews Your Video and makes a video review of it.
  • Module 6 – You get to create your very own Video Information Product Empire and Video Marketing Consulting Business.
  • Bonus Module 1  – An inside look at the creation of The Video Boss, and secrets from Andy Jenkins recent product launches: Launch Manager, Magic Bullet and others
  • Bonus Module 2 – Advanced Video Producing Tips – Green Screen, Animation, Music Composing, etc.

Video Boss Price

Single payment of $1997 or 6 payments of $388

Video Boss 2.0 pros:

There’s no question Andy Jenkins a gifted video producer and a brilliant marketer. If you can get to his level of production and creativity using the knowledge and training he offers, and combine it with good marketing skills, this can really make a difference on your marketing experience and achievements.
You’re not going to miss out on anything related to producing videos and video marketing, there are tons of useful tips and strategies, and the step by step guides are easy to follow and implement.

Video Boss 2.0 Cons:

If you’re new or inexperienced Internet marketer who has no skills in website building, you might want to invest more time into knowing that and learning the business basics first, as The Video Boss focuses mainly on video marketing and you’ll have hard time implementing all aspects of this course without this kind of knowledge.

much of the video creation part can be found elsewhere, after all, most softwares after available on every PC, but it does take a lot of digging, and Andy teaches it like few people can.

The price tag is pretty high. Yes, there’s some great content , and those willing to fork up 19997$ will be able to make that money back implementing is, but this price tag might be a bit much for others, especially without the necessary background and knowledge.

Video Boss 2.0 Review conclusion:

Judging from the previous launch of this course, If you have basic Internet Marketing knowledge and look into integrating video marketing in you marketing strategies,and you’re  willing to make the best out of it,  The Video Boss 2.0 will be worth your money.

If you’re looking for a quick fix solution ( doesn’t really exist ) , or if you’re still figuring our what Internet Marketing is all about, save your money, 2000$ is quite a lot of cash to put in something you’re not going to put into full use.

If you can’t afford the “The Video Boss” right now, at list watch the  prelaunch videos because you great value and ideas for your business right there.

The Video Boss 2.0 Launches June 7th, we’ll keep you posted with more feedbacks.

Click Here to check out the Video Boss and watch the FREE training videos, let us know what you thing about it.

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