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Dec 102011

TweetBig Review – Automate Your Twitter Tasks

Social Marketing and Twitter Marketing particularly are taking a huge part in today’s marketing efforts of most businesses. Running a successful twitter campaign can expand your business reach, add credibility and boost your web site’s search engine ranking. There are many key elements to run a successful Twitter campaign. Today we’re going to review Tweetbig, an automated Twitter marketing tools set that can simplify and speed up the process of getting more targeted twitter followers.

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What is Tweetbig? Tweetbig Review Summery

Tweetbig is a membership website with different membership plans that offers very and easy to use Twitter tools that can help you get more targeted twitter followers in relative ease. Tweetbig is useful for saving time on your Twitter marketing efforts and is very user-friendly, which can suit non Techies and marketing newbies as well as experienced Online Marketers looking to expand their presence through Twitter.

Tweetbig takes care of some important aspects in Twitter marketing:

-Finding and following targeted Twitter users.
-Automating Tweets –
Assuring good following to followers ration to avoid Twitter account suspension.
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Tweetbig Tools Review:

Tweetbig Tool set

1. Tweetbig Keyword Gather Tool

This tool allows you to gather Twitter followers based on up to 15 targeted keywords that you’re interested in for this account. Once you pick your keywords, Tweetbig will analyze it and offer you a list of potential Twitter Users you can follow.

Tweetbig Piggyback Tool

2. Piggy Back Tool

You can set up as many as 15 key figures ( gurus) in your industry. Tweetbig will then Analyze their followers recommend other users that you should follow.

3. Auto Followback

A very common automated Twitter tool, allowing you to automatically follow back whoever follows you.


Tweetbig Follow Timebomb Tool

Shows you Twitter users you have followed and have yet followed you back. This is useful as Twitter limits the followers to following ratio

5.Tweet scheduler

Allows you to schedule as many as 100 tweet in advanced. Very useful feature, yet I’ve seen I personally like better the Hootsuit Feature that allows you to upload an Excel file of your tweets.

6. Red Carpet

Analyses your followers and shows you how has the most influence, so you can contact him and extend your followers list rapidly.

7. Manage RSS Feed

As many other Twitter automated services you can place your RSS feed and your blog posts will be tweeted automatically.

8. Analytics Tool

Only displays how many twitter followers have been added during time.

Tweetbig Customer Support and cancellation process

I have read some other reviews and some mentioned they had some hard times canceling their account back when the company first started. As of 17/5/2011 this is not the case. I tried canceling my personal account to make sure I do not send you to some shady business and got back with the answer from the support team within an hour. Overall, I have been receiving a fair and quick costumer support and was very happy with it.

Tweetbig Price

TweetBig charges you 1 dollar for a 7 day trial and after that, TweetBig costs $17.95 per month.

Tweetbig Review – Pros

Overall, Tweetbig is very easy to use, and has a vast set of tools that will help you get more twitter followers automatically, and save you valuable time and effort that you should spend on creating original content, market research and link building. It’s very user-friendly and all tools can be implemented within minutes without any basic knowledge. I managed to set it up, through in a bunch of useful tips and see my twitter followers nubers rise without any additional effort

Tweetbig Review – Cons

– The analytics tool can be of much greater service than simply showing you how many followers were added. The followers could have been added merely due to my tweeting efforts for all I know.

– Search options are OK, but comparing to Tweet Adder, luck the option to really dig in and fine tune the process.

– The price might be a bit over the top here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth the time saved for your work, but 18$ a month can be a bit pricey for a new online marketer.

Tweetbig Review – Conclusion

Tweetbig can be useful and very friendly user and can get you a quick insight at your niche and the key Twitter users you ant to follow. Using Tweetbig you will be able to get more twitter users fairly easily,

I’m not sure I’d be happy to spend that much money on this kind of service though, but the 1$ trial is a no brainer for me and I’d defiantly recommend giving it a go.

TweetBig Bonus:

I want to know what you thing of this product. I’ve prepared a nice bonus I think you will find useful to compliment your experience.

The Twitter How to Tips and Guide comes with MMR License and you can use it for your own Twitter promotional efforts. How to TwitterOnce you receive your receipt, simply enter your receipt number and I’ll Email you your bonus. You can keep your bonus if you’re not completely satisfied with Tweetbig.



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