TweetAdder Demo Part 2

Oct 312011

Automatically Creating and Distributing Content With TweetAdder

TweetAdder is a set of Twitter tools designed to automate most of our Twitter tasks. On previous post we have reviewed how to easily use TweetAdder to get tons of targeted followers in no time. This first step is essential for your Twitter marketing effort and I highly advise you to run through it and get the hang of it. On this tutorial we will review content creation and distribution with TweetAdder.

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TweetAdder Tweet Generator

TweetAdder has A really cool and powerful feature that allows you to quickly spin you tweets This option is essential for creating multiple unique tweets to similar address . All you need to do is to add you text with variables and spin your message.

Here’s an example of text you can use to promote Tweet Adder:

Tweet Adder creates [multiple, various, original, unique, different] Tweets by [spinning, rotating, switching] parts of your [message, tweet, text] Check our Review

This simple message will generate up tp 5*4*3=60 unique messages to tweet to your followers. ( you can add as many variable to create even more unique content)

Once you have created your messages, it’s time you visit the second tool of Tweet Adder’s content features:

TweetAdder Tweets Tool

The tweets tools enable you to automatically send your tweets on different time frames. That means you dictate how often your messages will be set and limit the amount of tweets per day.

You can also choose to randomize your tweets which makes a lot of sense. Simply add a few messages of different links and spin them all, once you’re done, randomize your list, making sure your followers will receive a variety of content over that time and not only spanned content.

TweetAdder RSS Feed Tweets:

This is a very powerful tool to automate backlink creation and generate traffic to all your web content. Here you can add any rss feed and resend it to Twitter with a prefix and suffix, link shortener, title and description. Using TweetAdder RSS Submission you’d be able to share all your web’s content ( squidoo, wordpress, hubs, youtube and the likes) instantly through Twitter.

TweetAdder Auto Retweet :

This little tool enables you to choose a number of twitter users to retweet their content. You can filter their content by keywords, making sure your retweets best apply to your own content. By retweeting these messages, you’d be able to not only generate further content, but to engage in your niche, promoting other users content which will likely do the same for you in return.

TweetAdder Auto Replay

This feature is pretty straight forward and enables you to automatically answer back to whoever mentioned, or retweeted you and your messages.

TweetAdder DM (Direct Messages):

Automatically send a message for anyone who follows you. Great way to great your new followers, and start promoting your site and services.

TweetAdder Automation

Once all these options are configured you can check those you wish to fully automate. It is highly recommended you take extra caution in automating your Twitter account. Try making it seem as natural as possible by posting in certain hours of the day ( set it up to the time-frame your main audience is active). additionally, try not to automate all messages tasks at the same time as you’ll either get yourself suspended or lose followers as it will seem like you’re spamming.

Learn more about Tweet Adder Set up on our first Tweet Adder Tutorial

Like to try Tweet Adder? Click here for a free trial version of Tweet Adder. try TweetAdder and tell us what you think

You’d be able to test drive all the tools on your own Twitter account and supercharge your account for free.

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Click here for a full Tweet Adder Review .Please let us know what you think of it by rating it or living a comment.