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Dec 112011

Tweet Adder Review Is it Worth Your Money?

Tweet Adder is Twitter software that will automate your twitter actions and save you valuable time and effort you should spend on other aspects of your business.

As opposed to many other Twitter automation services, such as Socialoomp, TweetBig , that are online services that charge you by the month, TweetAdder has no monthly or recurring fees as you pay once for a lifetime license. Simply download the software and it’ll run on your computer.

How Will Tweet Adder Help You?

Tweet Adder is designed to save you time on your Twitter tasks mainly in these areas:

  • Helps you find targeted Twitter users by finding them through a very powerful keyword search.
  • Get twitter followers effortlessly.
  • Sets up a limit certain limitations to make sure you work within Twitter’s standards to avoid account suspension

Tweet Adder Features – Here are some of the features TweetAdder offers:

  • Find targeted Twitter followers in seconds
  • Auto follow-up to 1000 targeted profiles per day (You can limit that number)

    Twitter Friends Search using Tweet Adder

    Fine tune your search results

  • Managing multiple accounts ( depending on the plan you chose)
  • Automate Twitter Posts.
  • Get up to 500 new twitter followers per day per profile
  • Automate Scheduled Direct Messages
  • Auto Unfollow,
  • Extremely fine tune search options including location, language, keywords.


Tweet Adder pros:

Tweet Adder has tons of great tools that can help you maximize your Twitter account potential with minimum time and effort. I want to point out the two that for me make a huge difference:

  • You can really fine tune your twitter users search results using filters such as language, location, keywords mentioned in tweets, keywords mentioned in bio, users with URLs and so on, making your twitter efforts a lot more effective.
  • TweetAdder gives you complete control over the speed of which it operates, so you can space out your tweets, limit your follows per day, and limit your followers to friends’ ratio, to make sure you’re acting within Twitter limitations and avoid being banned.

Tweet Adder Cons:

  • Comparing to Tweetbig for example, the layout and search results aren’t as user-friendly, you do not see the users icons and the overall display isn’t as inviting.
  • As Tweet Adder is a software running on your PC, you have to be logged in and your computer running in order for it to work.
  • Cost of Use : initial payment is quite high, though it pays off over time.

Tweet Adder Price:Limit your Follows with Tweet Adder

TweetAdder is a Lifetime license software with three different plans:

  • A single Twitter account : 55$
  • 5 Twitter Accounts: 74$
  • 10 Twitter Accounts: 110$
  • Unlimited Twitter accounts : 188$

If you consider Twitter a major element in your marketing strategies, the pricing is pretty fair if you spread it over months and years.

TweetAdder Review Conclusion:

If you’re serious about your twitter marketing efforts, TweetAdder can be a great tool that will not only save you time on your daily twitter task, if set right it will get you the most targeted traffic possible using its unique search terms.

Tweet Adder is a powerful marketing tool , make sure you know the basic rules of twitter marketing, and the limitations Twitter sets on your account and set up your campaign accordingly. TweetAdder, as any other software is not a supplement for great content and costumers service. Use it wisely and you can minimize your Twitter Marketing time to 15 minutes a day.

Free Tweet Adder Trial Software

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