Dec 162011

How to Find Targeted Twitter Followers with Tweet Adder

Tweet Adder is one of the most powerful and popular twitter software in the market. We have covered it thoroughly on our tweet adder review. On this tutorial we want to have a closer look at how to find laser targeted followers using Tweet Adder.

tweet adder demo

Imagine walking to a bar and being able to spot the one that really fancies what you fancy, like your style and looks and is eager to give you a try,  without having to spend you time (and money) on countless boring small talks that get you no where. This is what you’d feel when you use Tweet Adder to find targeted followers.

Getting Twitter followers is essential to your social marketing campaign. Without those followers are not only  your potential customers, but may spread your content and make it viral. It is therefore highly recommended to get twitter followers  in your own area of interest, preferably within your own niche, as targeted followers are more likely to find your content useful, share it , spread it or simply turn into costumers.

Getting Twitter Followers basically require you to apply three basic principles :

1. Proper Twitter Account Set Up

2. Add value – share and create unique and high quality content with others.

3. Find and follow targeted friends and turn them into followers.

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In this short tutorial I want to show you how to use tweet adder to find targeted followers instantly.

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Tweet Adder Find Followers Tool

Tweet adder has a powerful set of search tools to help you zoom in on your targeted audience.

Search for related, keywords based tweets.

find keywords related tweets using tweet adderThis will allow you to zoom in on keyword related tweets, and fine tune your search by adding a location, language and time frame values. This is especially powerful if you’re searching for a recent event, or running campaigns for local businesses.

Find profitable hot keywords. Learn how to conduct a market research fast.

Tip: Use this tool to add targeted followers to local businesses and earn easy money for your services.

Search for related, keywords based tweeteres.

search for titter users using tweet adder
This tool enables  you to zoom in on twitter users by searching through users accounts while looking for pre-defined parameters:

Search for the location (optional)

Search for a range of followers, users following and number of tweets (updates).

You can further improve your search by adding an image filter ( serious users will take their time to change the default image) and by url set.


Search followers of a user.

Easily find and follow followers of a specific Twitter user. Extremely useful when you already know someone and identify him as an expert in your niche.

Search followers by a user.

Same principle applies, only this time you can find tweeter users to follow from a list of users a specific member is following.

Search by location

Search for users by keywords and location filters

OK, Tweet Adder got me my users list. Now what?

follow twitter users with tweet adder
Once you have your Tweet Adder list of users you now can start following each one hoping they’ll autofollow you back. The key here is to drift your follows, make it look natural, otherwise Twitter might put your account under suspension. Here, Tweet Adder has another set of tools that will help you with this step:

1. Auto Follow Settings:

This tool will allow you to determine how many followers you can add per day, at what intervals and making sure you do not exceed the following to followers ratio that may lead to your accounts suspension.

2. Auto Followback setting:

Similar options apply to following users who already follow you and have shown interest in your content.

3. Auto Unfollow :

in order to make sure you keep a good fft ratio, you may choose to unfollow a user. You may apply similar time settings and opt to unfollow any users or preferably those who do not follow you back.


So you see, a quick 2-5 minutes installation and a few more minutes to set Tweet Adder will save you tremendous time trying to look for the right users, and extend your reach, ultimately getting more exposure, backlinks and traffic to your site and products.

On the next post we’ll look at how to automatically generate unique content using Tweet Adder . Simple techniques that will boost your twitter followers list and create free backlinks to your site.

Like to try Tweet Adder? Click here for a free trial version of Tweet Adder. try Tweet Adder and tell us what you think

You’d be able to test drive all the tools on your own Twitter account and supercharge your account for free.

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