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Jun 132011

Traffic Travis Review – Worth Your Money?

Traffic Travis offers a set of research tools designed to help you with your SEO efforts, Market Research, Site analytics and much more. Any internet marketer knows how important good, thorough market research is time and money-saving and vital to his online success. Knowing what you should or should not target your efforts on, knowing your competition, analyzing and improving your own site, it all makes a significant change on your marketing results. TrafficTravis 4.0 seems to cover it all.

Traffic Travis is a new and improved version recently released by SEO expert Mark Ling. It’s been designed to provide accurate results and statistics in a very intuitive and user-friendly format, backed up by video tutorials to make market research and website analytics an easy task for any Internet marketer.

Traffic Travis Review

Getting ranked high at Google, Bing Yahoo and other search engines takes a lot of effort, time and money. In order to achieve high-ranking, a good market research and SEO strategy must be applied. This is where TrafficTravis 4.0 comes handy.
Traffic Travis is designed to help you cut your working time with little effort. It is powerful yet easy to
understand and once you get a grip of it you’ll be able to plan a whole SEO strategy within minutes. TrafficTravis 4.0 Features:

Keywords Tool:

Add a few keywords and Traffic Travis will analyze them for you. It’ll show you all the data you need for further analytics taken from Google keywords tool, such as glocal and local searches, average PPC, keywords showing in title and anchor text, then analyze them and grade them for difficulty levels, allowing you to quickly find marketable keywords that you can promote your products with any type of campaign, such as SEO, PPC.
Based on suggested keywords, TrafficTravis will find you available domain names that you can purchase from any of your favorite services through the software interface.

Website Optimization ( On Site SEO)

Traffic Travis allows you to instantly analyze your own website by simply linking to your sitemap. You will be able to quickly find out what it takes to improve your pages to rank higher in the search engines; You’ll get page warnings for every post or page on your site, making sure you use all tags, links and description correctly, you’ll also be able to analyze specific keywords and get recommendations for improvement so you can rank higher in the search engine once you correct those problems. Lastly, Traffic Travis will point out the backlinks pointing to the page and its overall page rank.

Search Engine Optimization (Offsite SEO)

TrafficTravis 4.0 offers 4 valuable features that can help you analyze the market, find backlinks and promote your site to boost your search engines ranking.

The Rank Report – analyzes your sites ranking with any keyword you choose , pointing out the position changes over time so you can find out what’s working best for you and what you need to put more effort into.
The Competition Report – analyzes your competition in the same keywords you chose for your project
The Backlinks Report – Analyzes your sites backlinks, their IP’s Their PR, the anchor text you’ve used.
The Link Finder –This powerful tool will find you links related to keywords you provide, that you can further filter by follow/nofollow, page type, page rank authority and more, This is a great way to quickly add one way backlinks to your site and boost your search engine ranking.

PPC Analysis:

allows you to quickly build a profitable ads campaign, using two analysis tools.
The Adsense Finder allows you to target your Adsense content network advertising. After analyzing your keywords, TrafficTravis 4.0 will introduce you to related pages you can place your banner at. This way you can place your ads in the most desired and relevant places on the web reaching targeted costumers instantly.
The Adwords Finder allows you to monitor your competition’s PPC campaign on specific keywords you provide. Traffic Travis 4.0 will allow you to further dig in on your competitors’ campaigns, showing you what keywords their bidding on and what the ad looks like. It will allow you to quickly see what has been successful so far so you can copy your competitor’s success.

Is Traffic Travis Suitable For Newbies

Traffic Travis offers a lot of data that initially may be overwhelming, but it comes with video tutorials for each tool and is very user-friendly and I believe it can work great for both newbie and experienced marketers.

Traffic Travis Price:

TrafficTravis cost 97$ one time fee. Your can try Traffic Travis for free for 2 months before making your mind up.

Traffic Travis Pros:

  • Where do I start? You get keyword research, on site and offsite SEO and PPC analytics tools all in one package. That’s not bad at all.
  • I like the fact your can save multiple project and that all you project’s data is automatically analyzed, which saves tons of time
  • I like the fact you can multi task with Traffic Travis, and that overall, search results are way faster than I have experienced with other market research tools such as the niche finder and MicroNicheFinder.
  • There’s no limit on the amount of webpages, projects or websites you can analyze, allowing you to monitor all you project instantly.
  • Lastly, Traffic Travis allows exporting reports in a very comprehensive and clear manner that you can share with your clients or save for your own use.

TrafficTravis  Cons

Comparing to the two other niche market research tools mentioned above, TrafficTravis will only rank keywords you chose to analyze. It does speed up the initial process of finding keywords but then you have to manually pick the ones you want to further analyze which adds on some more working time.

Traffic Travis Conclusion

I highly recommend Traffic Travis. I used the old version and bought the new one as soon as it was released. It saves me tons of time on market research, it allowed me to improve my website SEO factors with a few clicks and boost my search engine rankings, and there’s no doubt in my mind it is worth your money and that you’ll have a kick out of it.

Traffic Travis Bonus

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I have compiled a great bonus pack to compliment your purchase. Each item is hand-picked to allow you to take Traffic Travis to its full potential.

We’d love to know what you think of TrafficTravis. Try it Free and , grab your TrafficTravis Bonus Pack and let us know what you think of it.

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