Traffic Player Review:

Feb 282012

The Traffic Player Review – Is This Your Ultimate Video Player?

Traffic Player is a powerful video player that will change the way  videos are presented on your sites.  Ask any internet marketer and he’ll tell you, video marketing is the real deal. Customers find videos easier to follow  and way more attractive than written sells letters and tutorials. In most cases, once you know what you’re doing, creating a video is easier and faster than writing an article and you can easily distribute it across the web , generating more reputation, backlink and traffic juice to your sites and products.

The Traffic Player Review

Traffic player is a genius little wp-plugin created by Mark Dulisse, creator of many other internet marketing software and courses such as Tube Groove, Rankbuilder , RSS LinkBomber, WP Shorcode Deluxe and others. Lets dig in and review the traffic player plugin and who it can help you on you video marketing campaign.

The Traffic Player Review:

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]The below video is a demo set-up for this plugin.[/hilight]

[trafficplayer_skin padding: 28px 0 0 68px; margin: 0 auto; width: 652px; height: 411px; background: url( no-repeat top left; text-align: left;][trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”578″ height=”326″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video][/trafficplayer_skin]

The traffic player allows you to embed any YouTube video and wrap it with a nice skin, remove the controls, auto-play it and many other simple tricks to really have full control over your embedded videos. As you’re using YouTube videos there’s no reason for you to host your videos by yourself, saving you quite a lot of money and effort on video hosting

Traffic Player comes in four versions:

Traffic Player FREE Version : has one , non resizeable skin, yet still easily integrates withing any WordPress theme.

Traffic Player plugin – option 1:  Version 20 resizeable Premium video skins and a full YouTube support.

Traffic Player plugin – option 2: Supports Flash videos, HTML5 formats for smartphones, social media buttons and many other features on top of all version 1 ones.

The Traffic Player Video Player : Allows Amazon23 integration , includes XML Video sitemap and allow sales video creation within a click of a button.

So, how can the Traffic Player effect your video marketing efforts?

Today’s buyers rarely stop and read your content, or watch your video unless your site in nicely presented. With TrafficPlayer you’d be able to create great looking,  customizable videos withing a few clicks and attract your sites visitors to actually listen to your content.

Not only will your site look good, but the videos you use will be indexed by Google and increase your search engine ranking instantly

The Traffic Player Pros:

The plugins and the video player are very easy to install and use, and anyone can gain full control of them in no time.

The addition of a video sitemap is great in terms of SEO and bumping your site in the search engines.

No need for Video Hosting to play great looking videos on your site, all you have to have is a free YouTube account.

The TrafficPlayer Cons:

The TrafficPlayer allows you to remove the YouTube logo from your videos, making the seem like they’re self hosted, I’m not sure how it works with YouTube terms of use,but ,knowing Mark’s other products, I’m sure this is not the latest we’ll hear about this product as he will keep improving it and keeping it up to the markets needs.

The Traffic Player Review Conclusion

There are other video marketing tools, and video player in the market today, but TrafficPlayer seems to be a great addition due to its simplicity. If you’re into video marketing, but luck technical skills, and looking for a video player solution in an affordable price, I think The TrafficPlayer will be a great tool for your marketing arsenal.

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