Apr 192014

In this short video Lisa Allen reveals 3 smart strategies that will dramatically reduce you Facebook Ads bidding prices and save you a lot of money.



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Overview of Facebook pricing strategies.

0:00- 3.50 mins

The main differences between CPV and CPM

CPC Recommended Bid (Fast Start)

3:51- 5:32 mins

This strategy enables you to get a lot of clicks fast, and is great to test the ground

5:32- 7:50

CPC Bid Down (Fast Start)

Get quick clicks by bidding high then periodically lower the bid price till you reach within 10 cents of the average actual price being paid. This enables you to reach minimum prices once figured out, while getting a quick start to test the ground.

CPC Slow Start (Slow Start)


Using this strategy you will never overpay. Start with a small bid, periodically increase the bid by 5 cents till the ads start to show, then decrease the price by a cent at the time till the ad is too low.


When To Switch Your Pricing Strategy To CPM?

Lisa’s strategy is to enable CPM only on your most productive, effective ads, which will save you money over the long run.


This video is a shares a very simple to understand overview of the Facebook Ads pricing strategies.

In our next post we’ll show you how to drastically reduce you pricing bids by finding and targeting your ads to the right potential customers, showing them exactly what they are looking for.