Sep 202012

Get Found, Generate Backlinks, Drive Traffic, Build Authority On Autopilot

Syndication Rockstar is a brand new WordPress plugin by one of my favorite online marketer and product creator Sean Donahoe.  Sean is the mastermind behind some amazing software and plugins such as the recently introduced Loki Link Builder, and many online marketing courses tackling the latest trends and offering innovating solution that focus on automation and time-saving strategies.

Syndication Rockstar Review

Syndication Rockstar is a post Panda plugin designed to build backlinks and drive traffic to your site on auto pilot. What this cool plugin does is syndicating each one of your blog post to many web 2.0 sites accounts automatically.

In other words, when you write a post, it will be automatically published on sites such as Blogger, Friend Feed, Posterous, Tumblr and others that point back to your own site, building your authority, driving traffic and shooting you up the search engines.

Sure, you have seen some syndication plugin in the past, so what makes this one unique and why you should implement these techniques post Panda update?

Here’s a Quick Sneak Pick of Syndication Rockstar Plugin Demo

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Syndication Rockstar Features

Link and Anchor Text  Diversity

One of the most important elements post Panda is diversifying anchor text. You do not want all links pointing to your site or post be the same. Syndication Rockstar deals with that with ease. Within the plugin dashboard, you’d be able to add multiple anchor text that will be used to link back to your site.

Spintax Support

You’d be able to spin each post, shuffle your paragraphs around to make each syndicated post 100% unique. That means you get deep links for your posts, from 100% unique content with various versions of anchor text.

Create Your Own Blog Network

Blog network isn’t dead, it’s just changed, and you should learn how to make things work to earn Google’s love.Unlike any other content syndication plugin I have seen, Syndication Rockstar will allow you to add your own blogs and create a powerful blog network that will work post Panda.

Get all Your Syndicated Post Crawled and Found Automatically

Syndicating your blog post is never enough, even if you have done everything this plugin does, there’s still one important element in the puzzle.
Each Syndicated post you have created should be found by the search engines, or else non of it matters much.

To save you even more time and effort, this plugin will notify search engines of your posts by submitting the web 2.0 sites RSS Feeds. So once these posts are syndicated,  Google and other search engines will quickly crawl to them and credit you for them.

Syndication Rockstar Benefits

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  • Create your own, Panda approved  blog network
  • Build Google approved, deep linking backlinks to each of your blog posts
  • Drive massive traffic from web 2.0 sites on autopilot
  • Build your authority and online presence.
  • Improve your search engines ranking dramatically.
  • Your new content gets found, indexed and ranked faster by the search engines.
  • 100% automation, save tons of time and effort. Set it once and off you go.
  • Great addition to any site, including autoblogs. 


Syndication Rock Star Prices

The plugin is  sold at an introduction price of 27$ for limited time before price rises.

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