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Stealth Endorsement Optimizer is a WordPress plugin created to optimize your sites links for both better search engine optimization and monetization purposes. Last week I’ve tested a similar WordPress plugin called  WP Linkster, which I currently use on a few of my blogs and I highly recommend it, and I got the chance to review this plugin and compare the two.

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Stealth Endorsement Optimizer Review

This WordPress plugin in designed to tackle to main aspects in your site; Link optimization for better search engines rankings, and link customization for better conversion and monetization.  There are other plugins that do these jobs, but combining it to one plugin is always nicer and better. Additionally there are some really nice features on Stealth Endorsement Optimizer I have yet seen on any other plugin I really like which we’ll cover shortly.

Now, the sales pages, the graphics and most of all the video really don’t do any justice to this product, but it doesn’t mean it cannot be useful to you, so try to ignore them and look at the actual features and value this plugin has to offer.

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Optimizing Your Site With Stealth Endorsement Optimizer

1. Prevent search engines from following broken links

broken links can hurt your site’s ranking, and the plugin eliminate this factor by preventing search engines from following those links.

2. Create new pages using keywords people search for to land on your site.

3. Scrape keywords from affiliate links and automatically convert then to tags.

Each affiliate link you add to your site will have related keywords. the plugin will fetch those keywords and automatically add them as tags for better optimization of your posts.

4. Turn scraped keywords to search result pages.

Automatically generate search results for keywords and add links to the relevant content on your blog. Visitors can then be automatically redirected to the blog post or the relevant affiliate offer.

Link Monetization and Conversion

Many other plugin offer link cloaking and customization, but this little plugin adds a little twist to each which I really like.

1. Link customization

Most link cloaking plugins will turn long, ugly affiliate links to your own, branded links. Stealth Endorsement Optimizer will turn them look like they are pointing to the actual domain, with no affiliate links, so when you hover over a link, you will see the root domain of the product, not the hop link. It makes it seem that you endorse the product rather than promote it. This is a better way to disguised your affiliate link and increase your conversion rate.

2. Add a social proof to each link

This is one of my favorite features of Stealth Endorsement Optimizer. Each customized affiliate link will be added a “liked by…poeple”, giving an extra social proof for the link, which increases conversion rates.

Stealth Endorsement Optimizer Price

download stealth endorsement plugin  price rising fast

The plugin is launched July, 31st 11am EST for initial price of 7$

Stealth Endorsement Optimizer Final Thoughts

Overall Review

This plugin does offer some unique features I’ve yet seen, and for its low price is definitively worth a try.  However, there are certain elements I would love to see on it to turn it into a real gem.  What I really miss here is link tracking. whatever you do, you want to make sure you can gather some stats on so you can learn how to improve it.  This is a feature that  WP Linkster for example has that can make a difference on deciding between the two.

Value For The Money

Stealth Endorsement Optimizer is sold on a dime sale so obviously getting in early means better value for the money. But even at its maximum set price of 12$ this is a nice addition to your site.

Our Bonus:

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