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Get Immediate Exposure, Build Social Backlinks and Create Authority On Auto Pilot

SociSynd is an innovating social media syndication system, built to distributes your content to thousands of unique social accounts. There’s no secret Google is placing more and more value to social signals. Recent updates have proved that point.
Not convinced? Here’s a nice social signal experiment to prove you wrong.
Additionally building extra traffic sources and getting more exposure to your site, products and offers is always welcomed. ins’t it?

SociSynd Launches July 17th! Don’t Miss The Chance To Promote It

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SociSynd is designed to get your website & content more exposure. The high authority backlinks & Social signals built by the system help to gain higher search engine rankings and build customer confidence, thus not only helping your ranking, it potentially increases you conversion rate.

What is SociSynd?

SociSynd is designed to automate content sharing and syndication across the most authoritative social sites.
It does so by

 What Will SociaSynd Do For You?

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Increase Social Signals:

SociSynd builds social signals to the  urls you wish to promote, be it a landing page, affiliate link, you home page and so on. Simply enter the URL and choose the  social signals you wish to obtain. ( Facebook likes and shares, Twitter re-tweets, Pinterest re-pins and many more)

Content Syndication & High PR Backlinks

link diversity and social signals are major factors in today’s SEO realm. SociSynd syndicates your content to 25 of the top Social media networks available Your campaigns get promoted to a mixture of web 2.0 sites, blogging sites, status update, Image and bookmarking sites.Expect direct Social media Traffic and increase ranking.

Auto Promotion Using RSS Feeds

This is one major feature that will make you fall in love with SociSynd. Generate an RSS feed of the content you want to promote. This can be your own site’s RSS feed, or a mixure of feeds from all of your web entities and sydicate them on complete autopilot.

That means, whenever you create new content, an article, a video, upload an image, it can automatically be shared and found on the web.

Manage Multiple Promotions

Create multiple campaigns and posts while managing them with ease.

Control which promotions get syndicated more then others. Take control and grow your social presence as quickly or step by step as you prefer.

How Does SociSynd Work?

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