Jul 102013

Become a SociSynd Affiliate and JV Partner

SocSynd is Abbas Ravji’s brand new social signals and backlink automation tool.
This new social syndication software cleverly syndicates your content to various social media accounts creating a network of powerful, authoritative social backlinks pointing to your content.

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Here’s a quick walkthrough of SociSynd:

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SociSynd is a Launching July 17th, 2013 @ 10AM EST – 3PM GMT

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Why Promoting SociSynd?

SocSynd has been developed for quite some time now, and its large group of Beta testers has reported great results so far, promising satisfaction of your future customers.
Abbas Ravji has been releasing some fantastic products in recent years which have received great feedback and I still use them successfully to syndicate my content across my various social media accounts. Abbas is well know in the SEO market for his useful products and his extensive customer support.

In my own experience I have encountered several issues Beta testing his products and have always been helped and taken care of immediately.

SocSynd is being promoted through a new affiliate marketplace called DealGuardean which offers extensive promotional tools, great reporting and very powerfull

powerful collection of affiliate  tools to help you make more sells.

The advantages of the new DealGuardean Marketplace

Promoting products with DealGuardean you’d be able to easily do the following:

  • Set automatic bonus pages from withing the system
  • cloak and track all your affiliate links
  • Smoothly integrate your favorite  auto responder operator,  allowing you to further interact with buyers

Why Promoting SocSynd as an SocSynd affiliate:

The sale funnel consists of a recurring payment fee which you will be paid for monthly, and an attractive up sell package that guarantees high value for your marketing efforts:

socisynd affiliate sales funnel

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