Feb 162012

SocialMonkee Just Got Better: SocialMonkee InASpin – Free Submission Tool

SocialMonkee has just released a new free submission tool that will help you with generating your free bookmarks a lot faster. SocialMonkee is a free social bookmarking tool that enables your to create free, dofollow backlinks to your site. I have posted a full SocialMonkee review of this great free service and recommend you go through it if you’re not familiar with this tool.

social monky - free dofollow backlinks


What Is SocialMonkee InASpin

The free SocialMonkee InASpin tool is Microsoft excel based and is very easy to use. It allows you to manage your spins easily, pre spin your titles, descriptions and tags prior to submitting them to social sites. If works best with The Best Spinner but you can find other alternatives such as the free version of Spinner Chief .

The idea is quite simple. You’ll spin everything from within the SocialMonkee InASpin tool and send it to SocialMonkee.

The great advantage here time-saving and efficiency . Here’s how it works:

1. Do your keyword research and  download your desired keywords from Google Keywords Tool or any other market research tool that offers exporting of keywords.

2. Then you would place those keywords in the SocialMonkee InASpin tool.

3. Create a short comment / description and spin it ( can be done manually, or with any content spinning tool)

4. Get everything spun and submit it to SocialMonkee.

The Whole process it demonstrated it the following video

SocialMonkee InASpin Demo Video

SM InASpin Training from Colin Klinkert on Vimeo.

What Else Is SocialMonkee InASpin Good For

The tool is mainly designed for SocialMonkee Social Bookmarking purposes, but there are other cool social bookmarking services that uses spintax you could use it with:


SocialAdr is a free social bookmarking tool which enables you to share other uses content as your content is shared by them. Use your span content here to create multiple bookmark options for other users and get tons of free backlinks with very little effort.


I personally use BookmarkLovers software to syndicate span content to a huge array of social networks. As it also support syntax in similar way,  I now can simply manage these submissions and blast my content to other social media sites in no time.

Backlinks Kindom

Backlinks Kindom works in similar way as SocialMonkee . It is a free tool that submits your articles to various places each day.

Final Thoughts

I have personally tested the SocialMonkee InASpin tool and it is very easy to use. It doesn’t do anything you cannot do manually but will save you a great deal of time and allows you to organize your submissions very easily. SocialMonkee InASpin makes free bookmarking submissions through various platforms even easier.

Visit SocialMonkee, set up your account ( If you still haven’t) and start creating some quality free backlinks in minutes