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Social Monkey/SocialMonkee Review – Free Backlinks Service

Build 25 Unique Backlinks to Your Pages Every Single Day, FREE!

Social Monkey (Social Monkee) is a free bookmarking and backlink service that promises to build up to 25 daily backlinks to a single URL everyday. In this Social Monkey review I will go through the bookmarking procedure, it’s effectiveness and the other options this tool offers for promoting your site effectively. Social Monkey also offers a premium account which we’ll also review and help you decide if it’s worth your time and money.

social monkey - free dofollow backlinks

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Why Backlink Building ?

Backlinks building to your posts and pages is vital part of Off site Search Engine Optimization.

By building backlinks to each one of your posts, and to your homepage, you help search engines crawl, find and index your posts much faster. Additionally, building backlinks , especially from relative , authority sites, can boost your search engines ranking for the desired keyword . Finally, it can provide a good source of traffic and add credibility to your site.

Why Using Social Monkey For Backlinks Building?

There are many ways to build backlinks to your site, which we discussed on other posts. Article marketing, video marketing, RSS submission, directory submission, commenting are just a few of these options.
However, backlink building can be extremely time-consuming which leads many webmasters to either outsource the process or opt to use backlinks tools to automate the process.

I always advise you to mix up your backlinks sources, and there is nothing wrong with automation. But whenever you have a chance on getting easy Free backlinks, that google loves, do not pass it.
Social Monkey is an instant backlink builder where you can build 25 unique , daily , free backlinks All links are on unique C-Class IP addresses and domains, Which search engines love as they all seem genuine to them.

How Does Social Monkey Work?

Social Monkey enables you to pick one favorite post/article/video/URL a day, and submit it through their services to social bookmarking site.  Social Monkey offers two simple methods to bookmark your favorite content of the day. You can either login to socialmonkee and fill up the form, or you can download the Firefox Add-on and when visiting the desired site, press the monkey icon and the form will pop up.

Social Monkey Demo: Does It Really Work?

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So, within a few moments you get your 25 unique backlinks. Do it everyday and you’ll have 750 Backlinks a month, for free.
Now, there are a few important things I’d like to add to maximize the potential of this awesome tool:
How to get 25 free backlinks from social monkey

Making The Best Out Of Social Monkey

1.Do Your Market Research

It’s crucial you include your desired keywords in the title, description and tags. you may use some variations but try to stick to your main keyword.
Use Google Keywords Tool, or one of the market research tools we recommended here.

2. Spin Your Content

One of the real advantages of social monkey is it’s ability to use spintax to spin your content. the more variations you’ll create, the more unique backlinks you’ll generate. Spinning is very straight forward, as you can see for the example here. Do not spin your main keyword unless you want to target multiple keywords for the same URL.

3. Use the Backlink Report.

Another great feature Social Monkey offers is a report for all your generated links. As a free member you only get the list of URLs and the links to the site, but this is very valuable. You can feed these links to pinging services such as Pingler and get them indexed fast.

To get these links go an extra mile you would probably want to create an RSS feed from them and do some RSS Marketing . This will get those links found faster, and will also generate backlinks pointing to those links so you get extra link juice flooding your site.


Anything that links to your site and content is good: videos , articles, web 2.0 content, your comments. keep pushing your online presence as much as you can.

5. Boost Your Backlinks Even More: Build Backlinks To Your Backlinks

Why stop there? every backlink that points to your blog counts, and you can easily make them count even more by generating backlinks to these backlinks.  There’s no need to do it manually, and I don’t recommend you try so, as you’ll never see the end of it. What you can do is use software that will automate this for you.

I highly recommend you read my Loki Link Builder review as it’s prefect for using RSS Feeds and automatically create backlinks to them. Another service you may try is Link Claw which was also reviewed here and is highly praised upon in the IM community.

Social Monkey Premium.

While you can only submit your bookmarks once a day to 25 site with your free account, the Premium Social Monkey account enables you to share 3 URLs a day to 100 site, which generates a total of 300 backlinks a day, and 9000 potential backlinks a month.

Additionally, you’ll get an RSS Feed for each submission that you’ll be able to instantly push forward and promote. So using Social Monkey consistently can turn out to be very rewarding.


As I mentioned, search engines love a good mix of backlinks, so don’t put all your eggs in one basket and relay on that one strategy, though that alone will generate tons of backlinks that, in many niches would be enough to claim high search engines ranking.

If you take these backlinks and promote them with RSS Feeds, try to add a few authority links, they have  a great value to your page rank.

If you’ve tried Social Monkey, please rate it. Leave a comment and share this post.

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Update: Social Monkee is no longer free but a one time fee of 7$

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