Oct 172011

How to install, set up and use RSS LinkBomber

Automatically generate fast and easy backlinks through RSS Feed submission.

RSS Linkbomber is a powerful, user-friendly wordpress plugin that will automatically create and submit new RSS feeds from all blog posts and pages you have on your site ( apart from those you do not wish to share) .

the plugin will help you to quickly spread your links across the web with very little effort. RSS Link Bomber works on old posts and pages, meaning you will automatically revive older posts and inactive sites upon set up.

Finally, the plugin even supports  rss feeds outside of your wordpress site, so you can boost your web 2.0 sites ranking at the same time.

rss link bomber tutorial

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We have previously reviewed RSS Link Bomber and you are welcomed to check it out for a fully detailed review , features list and our  product ranking.

On this post, we would like to show you an inside view of the plugin and help you set it up , so you to can enjoy it to its full potential.

RSS LinkBomber Installation:

The plugin installation is a standard one,simply upload it through ftp , or through wordpress admin panel and activate it.

You will then be asked to enter the activation key you receive to your email address. Further, more advanced set up is fully detailed on your plugin members area.

RSS LinkBomber Set Up:

1. you can opt to receive email notifications upon new rss submission.

2. Set up spinnable header and footer for your content and for your rss feeds. This is extremely powerful and allows you to create multiple keywords linking to your various posts and pages. Use this feature wisely, while including the best keywords,you wish to aim for to make sure you improve your ranking on these particular terms.

Learn how to complete an easy market research and find valuable keywords to beat your competition.

3. Set up Ignore pages and post, to make sure you do not share whatever content you wish to keep private.

Time to set up: 5 minutes

RSS LinkBomber Aggregators List Set Up

RSS Lnk Bomber suppots various feed aggregators . The plugin will automatically submit your links to free services. Some services require initial set up of username and password that can be done in a matter of minutes, while other aggregators require captcha support. Using a third-party captcha service you can set the plugin to work on all feed aggregator after this quick one-time set up process.

You can even set up multiple user accounts to push your content even further.

Once you set up your password protected accounts, and your captcha services (optional) you’d be able to enable/disable feeds for any of the services, assign a particular category and view submission results for each service.

Time to set up: 5-10 minutes.

RSS LinkBomber Proxy Set Up

RSS LinkBomber allows you to use multiple proxies to hide your I.P’s. The plugin will automatically rotate between proxies.

Time to set up: 2 minutes.

RSS LinkBomber Proxy Set Up

Finally, you can set up third-party rss feeds to mash-up with your blogs feeds. These can be web 2.0 feeds, youtube feeds, ecs. This can greatly increase your web presence, building backlinks t other web properties and a great addition to your linkwheeling strategy.

All you have to do is to copy paste all you related RSS feeds and save your settings.

Time to set up: 2 minutes.

This is it. There’s really nothing to it. Even if some of the set up steps mean little to you, the set up process is very straight forward and will be done within less the 15 minutes.

Once set up is completed, rss feeds are submitted to all available aggregator services. All feeds are then pinged to more than 150 ping services for fast indexing in the search engines.

RSS LinkBomber Results:

I’ve installed RSS LinkBomber on a small demo site, set it up and have created links to all posts and pages to all accounts within a few minutes.

Given enough time I believe this would be a great tool to help with your SEO strategy , boost your search engines ranking and ultimately get more traffic and gain more income.

Want to  automate your backlinks process, boost your ranking, and easily get more traffic? Try RSS LinkBomber for 1 $

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