RSS Link Bomber Review

Oct 112011

RSS Link Bomber Review – Mark Dullise Latest RSS Submission Plugin

RSS Link Bomber is a wordpress plugin that automates your RSS syndication and submission directly from within your own wordpress site. This plugin promises to automatically add tons of backlinkg to your site, boosting your ranking and driving more traffic to your site. The RSS Link Bomber Is yet another wordpress plugin from software developer Mark Dullise, whose marketing products are well-known and used by fellow internet marketers

rss link bomber insider review

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RSS Link Bomber Review:

RSS link Bomber is a powerful worpdress plugin. It will automatically convert each post or page you published to a unique rss. That alone is a great service, but that’s not all. The plugin is designed to automatically submit it’s generated RSS feeds to about 50 RSS aggregator sites.

By using the RSS Link Bomber you’d be able to spread all your sites post and pages automatically, creating numerous backlinks not only to your main page, but also to inner pages which will boost your page rank and consequently increase traffic to your site.

The plugin will also create and submit RSS feeds of old post and pages, not only newly posted ones, which can revive any old and neglected posts and pages long forgotten on your sites.

RSS Link Bomber Features:

  • Builds Backlinks on Autopilot
  • Automatically Turns Every Post/Page Into A Unique RSS Feed, even old , forgotten ones.
  • Submits RSS Feed to about 50 HQ RSS Directories and Aggregator Sites
  • You Do Not Handle Anything. The plugin will automatically Enter Username/Password and Captcha Solving
  • Works On Auto Blogs
  • Works While Your Computer Is Turned Off
  • Will Hide Your IP Identity Leaving No Footprints To The Search Engines with Multi Proxy Support
  • Ensures 100% Indexing Of All RSS Feeds With Automated Crawling Features To Over 150 Search Engine Ping Services
  • Able to Mesh (mashup) Your RSS Feeds With 3rd Party Feeds For Maximum Dynamic Indexing
  • Ability to Add Additional Feeds (any feed you want) for Auto Submissions
  • Gives Stats On Successful Submit, and Failed Submits. Will Try 3 Times
  • Gives A Master List Of All RSS Feeds, Downloadable By Text File, If You Want To Use With Other SEO Softwares
  • Automatically Add Your Youtube or Video RSS Feed To Be Submitted To RSS Directories
  • Add Header and Footer Text to Your RSS Feed with Spin Syntax

Lets assume you do it all manually.

  • You’d have to create rss feeds to each post and page using services such as htnl2rss.comĀ 
  • You’d create a header , tags and description for each feed.
  • You’d then have to share all links on RSS aggregator sites.
  • You’d then have to ping all RSS feeds and make sure they are indexed and can be found as soon as possible by the search engines.

That can all be done manually, but how much do you value your time?
Assuming you have more than one site, and plenty of content, these fairly easy tasks take a huge chunk of time from you.
Time that can be better spend on creating content, market research or even better, a nice relaxed day with friends and family.

Is RSS Link Bomber Suitable For Newbies?

You bet it is. As opposed to many other rss services ,RSS Link Bomber is a worpdress plugin and will run on your site even when your pc is turned off. Its’ installation is similar to any other wordpress plugin, and it’s a set and forget plugin that will allow you to run numerous sites simultaneously with little effort.

RSS Link Bomber Pros:

It will speed up your rss submission time, revive your old posts and pages, and save you a lot of time and effort while creating backlinks pointing to all pages and posts of your sites.

RSS Link Bomber Cons:

The only drawback of such method is having to install it on all of your sites. But, hey, that’s a one time set up process and your troubles are over.

RSS Link Bomber Price:

There are three licences offered for the software:

Single domain license: 47$

Unlimited domains: 97$

Developers license: 177$

Give RSS Link Bomber a try. It’s backed up with 30 day money back guarantee.

RSS Link Bomber Conclusion:

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RSS Link Bomberr is a real-time saver and a powerful backlink creation tool that will generate more traffic and boost your search engines’ ranking. For the price it currently values this is a great value for you money and I highly recommend trying it.

Full Detailed RSS LinkBomber Demo

Try RSS Link Bomber For $1 And Tell Us What You Think Of It.



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