Apr 112014
reverse engineering software

In order to achieve top Google rankings in 2014, you need to optimize your content in a variety of related keywords and key phrases. In a previous post we’ve discussed a simple method to find related LSI keywords from Google itself using Google Docs.

Abbas Ravji came out with a smart solution that simplifies the process even more, with a new software called Keyword Generics:

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download Keyword Generics

Essentially, what the software does, is reverse engineer the content used by top ranking sites for each of your chosen keywords.

What you will get is  a list of common words that are used by the top 10 ranking sites, with which you should optimize your sites content with

The software launches today and is dirt cheap. I’ve personally tested  the software, and have found it very useful and simple to use, and have already sent list of keywords and phrases to my content writes to create new content for my niche sites, with little effort.