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 How To Generate Traffic From Recycling Your Content Part 1

Traffic generation is one of the hardest issues for webmasters and online marketers.  In the next few posts I’m going to share with you some very simple tactics that will allow you to generate extra traffic and backlinks to your sites without any repurposed contentneed to write additional content.

Let me ask you a question. How long does it take you to write an article? How much time do you invest researching for keywords and idea, finding the right materials, writing it in your own word? Even if you do not write your own content and relay on PLR articles, you still have invested money and time researching, digging the content out ecs. Don’t you think you should try to make the best out of it?

One great way to leverage from already used content is to transform it to different formats and distribute it across the web. This technique allows you to get extra backlinks, exposure and traffic for the same content. Additionally, if your content is of high quality, there’s good chance it will be used be others on their sites, or shared by others, making it viral and bringing in even more traffic to your site.

Finally, you may even get multiple page one listing for various formats of the same content, which obviously can benefit you.

Starting to see the advantages?

On the first part of our Recycling Your Content series we’ll tackle the simplest and fastest option: PDF Creation

PDF creation doesn’t require any paid services or any technical skills, and can be implemented withing minutes. Here’s how you do it right:

Step 1: Create a short article.

If you don’t like writing or don’t know much about your niche, search for available PLR articles, or find a writer to write you one.

Step 2. Convert your word document into a PDF document.

you can do this free at  dot2pdf.net or you can simply ebook to pdf: repurposed contentsave your document as PDF.

Step3: Create an ecover:

There are some simple and affordable ways to create eCovers done.

If you have basic designing skills, myecovermaker.com is a great service that will quickly turn a basic image into an ebook cover.

If you cannot bother to do so, head over to Fiverr.com and search for a reliable designer that will create you one for 5$.

Step 4: Submit your PDF content to various PDF Sites .

There are a few types of ebook submission sites you need to be aware of

1. FREE vs. Paid listings.

Some sites require a fee for listing ebooks on them. as we’re mainly looking at generating traffic, I’d stay away from those sites, and spend my money elsewhere.

2. Includes links , do not include links, requires backlinks to from your site.

Obviously having links on the sites that point to your site is the prefered module, as you’ll have an extra source of traffic from people reviewing your eBook’s description. you will also gain a backlink from an authority site which is always good. Even if you do not get a backlink, simply having your document on such sites, offering it for free is a great source of traffic, as long as you place links in your eBook to the desired location.

3. Revenue share and book selling sites:

I don’t see any harm trying to sell your ebook, you have already done the hard part, so give it a go and submit it to those sites as well. Some of those sites will have a minimum cost but with others, if you’re not comfortable pricing your ebook, you can simply value it at 0$ and have another source of traffic pointing to your site.

I’ve done a long search across the web to find create a good, valid list of sites where you can submit your content, here are some of these sites:

1. e-library.net   PR 5

2.free-ebooks.net  PR 7

3.published.com  PR 5

4.getfreeebooks.com PR 3

5. free-book.co.uk/ PR 5

There are many more similar sites out there, and I intend to create a detailed list of them in the following days. I’m sure you can find out and create your own list with little effort.

Step 5.Help your PDF files being found.

Once you have shared your ebooks/pdf reports you can share the URL on your social accounts, create some low quality backlinks to them ( Again, try fiverr.com) and boost them up.

That’s it, you’re done, you have just created some very effective traffic machines.

This whole process would take just minutes of your time and will help you build authority  gain traffic and backlinks absolutely free.

doc presser -repurposed content plugin
As always, the best way is to automate the process. I have been using a unique and genius plugin called Doc Presser to do all the hard work for me.

This repurposed content plugin will automatically turn your blog posts or pages (You have full control) to PDF files and submits them to PDF submit sites.

You can even choose keywords you want as links, pages to link for from your documents or simply link each document back to the post url.

That means every time you create new content you instantly create backlinks and potential traffic to your site or blog post.

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