Jun 102012

How To Generate Traffic From Repurposing Your Content Part 2

Repurpose your content to get the best out of it. PowerPoint presentations (PPT) can be a great source of both traffic and high authority backlinks. On previous post I shared with you a simple and very effective method of repurposing content to create and submit PDF’s for similar reasons. On this post I want to share another method of recycling your content. This time we’re going to transform the same valuable content we’ve already created into PowerPoint presentations (PPT) and Videos within minutes, and upload it to the various sites I will provide you.

Step 1: Creating PPT Slides.

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  • When you create PPT slides, you want to make sure you don’t put to much information on the same slide. You may want to consider splitting your pages to multiple slides, or even simply summarize your content on bulletpoints. This will make your slides much more appealing to the human eye and better deliver your content.
  • Don’t go to crazy with special effects, different fonts , sizes and colors. A simple theme with the right color pick will be fine.
  • If possible, try to add some images to your slides. Again, don’t overdo it. make sure your audience remains focused on the idea you are trying to deliver. But if the images are highly related to what you’re trying to say, and help the viewers understand it better, that’s great.
    Where do you get those images you ask? Try www.sxc.hu/.Additionally, I have prepared a list of free images and other free resources where you can find what you’re looking for.
  • Make sure you place your link at the beginning and the end of your presentations. You may also place them at the bottom of each slide. This link is going to be visible when you convert these slides to Video and can deliver some great results.
  • Include a call to action at the end of your slide, ask your customers to share your content, comment on it, and visit the suggested link for more information.

Step 2: Submit your slides to slide sharing sites

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  • There are a few very high rated sites that will allow you to upload your slides. Create an account it each one, make sure you fully optimize it, include a nice profile image, add a link to your site and a good description about you and your interests.
  • Some of these sites have PowerPoint plugins or add ons , which will allow you to upload the presentation directly from the PowerPoint dashboard.
  • Make sure you optimize each presentation. Add a catchy title and include the keyword you aim at in it. Add an informative description with a variation of that keyword , a link to your site or landing page and a direct call to action. Add some relevant tags, add a location if that applies to your niche.[/list]

Here are a few recommended sites to submit your PowerPoint Presentations:

Slideboom.com  PR 6
Slideshare.net PR 8
Authorstream.com PR 6
Scribd.com  PR 8
Docstoc.com PR 6
empressor.com PR 5
myplick.com PR 5

Step 3: Share your Presentations and help them get found

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  • Make sure your presentations are being found and indexed, and you may also get some traffic to those presentation from your social accounts. You can do this manually, but this will take forever and I doubt it’s worth your time. Remember, we’re looking at saving time and being efficient as we can. There’s a better, easier and more productive way to get your content spread out.The good thing about these sites is that most of them have RSS feeds for your uploads. That means you can syndicate your newly uploaded content to other sites very fast. One very cool tool I highly recommend you to have a look at is Social Submitter.  What it basically does is helping you automatically syndicate your feeds to social hubs such as Ping.FM, Posterous, and Hellotxt. This will further send your content to numerous social bookmarking sites you have created and connected to those hubs.
  • We want to be able to complete these steps rapidly. You can try to find a Fiverr gig to do that for you, or, you can do it yourself on mass scale.a great service you can use will save you the time of building these social sites is: Social Hub Builder, which will create and email verify accounts on more than 100 of those social sites then connect them to the social hubs services mentioned above.

Social hub submitter download

social hub builder


  • As we’ve mentioned already, you can make further use of your RSS Feeds. Grab all the feeds from your document submission sites, and those of the social account you have just created, ping them using the various ping services ( Don’t abuse these services though) then submit those RSS Feeds to RSS aggregators services. These simple steps will help your links getting found fast and shared on other sites on the web. This will not only get you more traffic, but will increase link juice and push your newly generated content up the search engines.



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