Jun 262012

How To Create Quality Content That Google Loves With Little Time and Effort

Page One Curator is a new software that will help creating quality, penguin authorized content in minutes. Content curation is generally taking content from another source, posting it on your site, and add your own content to make it original. It is a very simple method that most big and influential websites are doing everyday. Consider your favorite news blog, and how much of its content is actually recycled content from around the web. The process of curating content is pretty simple and I’ve written about its guidelines in a previous post. In the past few months I’ve been using a great content curation software that really makes the process easy and fast. It’s called Page One Curator

How long does it take you to write a good quality article?
What if you could have created 5-10 different unique articles each day, with  no effort?
How would that improve your blog?

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 Here is how to set PageOneCuration to work:

1. Enter Your Blogs Details.

-It is suggested you set up a dedicated user ( author) account for this application

-Head over to the writing section on your wordpress blog settings and check the XML-RPC option at the bottom of the section.

2. Set up your feeds:

– Upload the default feeds from the Page One Curator folder

-Log in to Google Reader Account

– in the setting section click import export and export your subscriptions (OPML File)

-Upload your personal feeds to the software.

The bigger and higher quality and relevancy your feeds list is, the better the content your will be able to curate.

how to use Keyword Explorer

1.Find related keywords using keyword explorer tool

double-click relevant keywords to get more  long tail keywords.

additionally, you can choose an alphabetical search , to get even more suggested keywords.

Finally, eCommerce option, drills down the Amazon database, which is great for Amazon affiliate sites.

2. Select which keyword will be included in the title of your post and which ones you wish to include in the post body.

 how to use Google Blog and News search

1. Enter the keywords you have chosen in step 1.

2. Choose where you would like to search you content from ( blogs, videos, articles, images, news or Twitter)

 Page One Curator will then display the most relevant and recent content from which you can start getting your content.

Browse through the content that best fits your sites. Remember you should always try to curate your content from authority sites, not from affiliate sites or your own competitors.

If you’re not sure how curation works best , follow these content curation guidelines .

Generally what I would do is click on each link and review the site displayed, check out its design, relevancy, authority, rankings and other factors before curating content from it.

3. Choose you main reference for your blog content, and you can also choose secondary references to suggest further reading (hence the need to find authority , no direct competition content only)

You’ll automatically have the main paragraph and its reference followed by the suggestion for further reading on your posts.

4. Repeat the process with other content platforms.

5. Page One Curator will also ask you if you wish to save the feeds from the chosen articles for future references, which saves a lot of time finding authority sites for content.

OK, I have my content, now what?

1.Double check on the images or videos licenses to make sure you’re not violating the terms of use.

2.Edit the images size ( built-in tool within Page One Curator)

3. Do not use the entire article from a site, select the paragraph you need, highlight it and quote it , and leave the reference added by the software to attribute the original content creator.

4. Make sure your new posts’ design is user-friendly and optimize your post for the search engines.

5. Remember, each post you publish must have a purpose, other than providing quality content to your readers. So add a call to action such as comment, share, subscribe and other, or monetize it with a relevant promotional offer.

Once you have the content for your site, you want to write some of your own content in relevancy to it.

If you want to save valuable time while still creating great content that Google loves, I highly recommend you check out Page One Curator, I have been using it very successfully over the past few months.

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