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Brad Callen’s Niche Finder Review – Find Hot Untapped Niches With a Few Clicks.

Niche Finder is a market research tool by Brad Callen that enables you to quickly research keywords and niches. Using the Niche Finder software to its full potential allows you to find untapped micro niches with  relative low competition that you can aim at marketing with relative ease.   Click to VisitThe concept of niche marketing is quite simple. You’re looking at finding relatively untapped niches , ideally one that has enough search volume and dominate them. You’re looking for niches that people are facing some issues, problems they need help with and you provide them with the solution, products and services you promote or sell. Brad Callen’s Niche Finder find you those untouched keywords with remarkable efficiency, speed and clarity, making it a powerful tool that any marketer should consider having. [trafficplayer_skin padding: 28px 0 0 68px; margin: 0 auto; width: 652px; height: 411px; background: url( no-repeat top left; text-align: left;][trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”578″ height=”326″ src=”″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video][/trafficplayer_skin]

Niche Finder Review

Niche Finder researches untouched keywords with a click of a button. All you have to do is to enter your keyword and it’ll instantly display a variety or related keywords and analyze them for you using its advanced algorithm

Keyword Research:

Niche Finder will automatically highlight all keywords and classify them according to how hard it will be to succeed in marketing with that keyword. Red Keywords – hard to market, Yellow – moderate and Green keywords are ones you should have no problem marketing with. This is similar to  Brad Callen’s CB Surge that can go well with the Niche Finder, helping you to find hot products to market.

Domain Name Research

One of the most impressive features of Niche Finder allows you to find domain names that have the keywords you intend to use included in. If there’s no name that has the exact keyword, Niche Finder will find you related domain names , which you’ll be able to buy on the spot.

Old, Expiring Domain Names

A great little trick to get your business running fast is finding expiring domains in your niche. these domains have backlinks pointing to them, and may already be ranked by the search engines, so buying them gives you a nice boost right from the beginning. Niche Finder finds you those expiring domain names instantly which is a huge time saver and an advantage over your competitors.

Is Niche Finder Suitable For Newbies

Absolutely. Market research is hard, and while it is possible to do it using free tools, it’s a long process that can easily be misunderstood and lead you to the wrong directions. Niche Finder is so comprehensive and user-friendly you don’t need any background or tech skills to figure it out.

Niche Finder Price

Niche Finder cost a  one-time payment of only $97 backed up with sixty days money back guarantee so you can download it instantly and give it a go.

Niche Finder Pros

Niche Finder does what it promises and is probably one of the best software in the market at finding hot, untouched niches. I like the fact you get all related keywords analyzed automatically, and results are also shown in presence so you can really fine tune your search results. The old and expiring domain name analysis is a powerful tool I have yet seen in other market research tools and is a big advantage in my opinion.

Niche Finder Cons

While there’s no doubt Niche Finder is great at what it does, there are some other tools in the market that offers more tools that you may find useful during your marketing campaign. I’d love to see a site analysis feature similar to the one Traffic Travis has which allows you to check your site and improve its on site SEO with relative ease.

Niche Finder Review Conclusion:

Click to VisitNiche finder promises to find you hot untouched keywords, niches and domain names and delivers it fully. It is a powerful piece of software that will save you a great amount of time and effort, and most importantly , direct you to the right niches you can exploit instantly and not wasting valuable time and resources

Niche Finder Bonus

I have a very special  Niche Finder Bonus pack to compliment your purchase of Niche Finder through this site. Read the instructions carefully to make sure you qualify for those bonuses. Click here for Niche Finder Bonus

Try Niche Finder and leave your review here, we’d love to know what you think about it.

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