Jun 282012

Share Your Links And Get Paid With GooPlu

I had many costumers and friends asking me about Google Plus and ways to monetize your Google Plus account. Doing some research I came across a nice little service called GooPlu that will help you with that.

Gooplu is a a new URL shortening service. It will shorten your Google+ link while making you a little extra cash in the process. No, you won’t get rich from it, and this is by all means not long term money making strategy, but being able to make easy extra cash is always nice.

make money from sharing G+
Here’s how it works:

  1. Google + generates long, ugly URL’s . You can use GooPlu.com to shorten these URLs. You can also shrink any link you want to paste into your Google+ stream.
  2. This service is similar to other URL shortening services such as Bit.Ly  and the likes, yet there’s a little twist to it.
  3. You get paid for the traffic generated from the link included on you Google Plus stream.
  4. GooPlu.com Also offer a referral program that enables you to earn even more cash from telling other users about the services.

There are some more real advantages in this service.  Using GooPlu you’d be able to track all your traffic, and exactly how much you earn from it in real time. This built in analytics service is great to learn how fruitful and effective your efforts are so you can optimize your campaign.

GooPlu Cons

GooPlu ads pop up messages to your links, that may irritate your followers.

GooPlu Payments:

GooPlu sends payment via PayPal on the first Monday of each month, with a minimum 10$ to get paid.

My Honest Review

I have yet tested the tool, and as it is a relatively new service, lacks history of proven payment records.

Additionally, As mentioned before, this is not a get rich strategy, it’s a good idea to use this service solely as extra income.

Finally,  there’s there’s the matter of  the pop ups it generates might annoy your contacts. So you might want to test it out on a test circle, compare your click-through rates with other services and see if that really is worth it. You may want to use this service on lists and links you otherwise do not monetize.

Learn How to make moneyi with GooPlu

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