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Dec 132011

Micro Niche Finder Review – Find Hot Untouched Niches in Minutes.

Micro Niche Finder is an market research tool that will help you to research keywords and niches. The main use of micro niches is to help you find untouched niches with low relative low competition that you can aim at marketing with relative ease.

Micro Niche Finder Review

Every marketer knows, finding the right niche and keywords is the most fundamental and important step in Internet Marketing. Yes, there are free market research tools, and even when I use a market research software, I tend to double –check my results comparing them with Google’s keywords tool and the amount of search results found.

Nevertheless, finding great niches and keywords using free tools can be very time consuming and one really needs to know his stuff and show creativity to dig up some hidden gems.
Micro Niche Finder does it all for you instantly. Pick up a market, and it will show you your market’s hidden gems and opportunities to profit. It will also show you where you can make some splash in that market and claim your name, reputation and most importantly, income.

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Micro Niche Finder Review:Micro Niche Finder seo tools

MicroNicheFinder offers 4 different profit streams to tap into instantly:

Uncover Hot Markets to Monetize With an Adsense Campaign.

You’d be able to instantly pick up what people are searching for, compare the competition and figure out what niche is easier to exploit and make money off.

Easy Monetization Promoting Amazon Products:

Effortlessly find hidden gems to promote, while dodging time and money wasting products that are hard to sell.

Create Niche Market Private Label Rights Packages and Sell these for a Quick Profit.

This tool allows you to find hidden niches marketers are in need for content which you can provide for easy PLR profits.

Find ‘Type in Traffic’ keywords for Set Passive Income Streams

You’d be able to find great domain names for high search volume keywords to monetize, set and forget.

Is MicroNicheFinder For Newbiews ?

I think any marketer should use one market research tool. It really makes your life easier saving time and effort, and more importantly, directs you to the niches, products and keywords you’ll be able to market. MicroNicheFinder is a great tool for its simplicity and ease of use, and it might even be more appropriate for those who never experienced real , in depth market research and don’t want to be overwhelmed by data and knowledge.

MicroNicheFinder Price:

One lifetime payment of 99$

Micro Niche Finder Pros:

MicroNicheFinder is user friendly, it so easy to master and use even a newbie can figure it out.
I love the Strength and Competition indicator that will instantly point out what should or shouldn’t be marketable.
I really love the Brainstorm button generating all sorts of ideas based on Google Suggested keywords that can help you dig in a niche effortlessly

Micro Niche Finder Cons:

I have to say MicroNicheFinder is one of the easiest market research tools out there, yet there are some other market research products you could use that are slightly more advanced,  pulling additional data like The Market Samurai and Traffic Travis.
In addition, what I’m missing in this software is a domain SEO analysis similar to Traffic Travis that can show me my own weak spots I can improve to bump up my sites ratings.

Lastly, MicroNicheFinder, is very slow in analyzing its data, as it does it for all keywords simultaneously, it you have time to set it on the background and patiently wait for results, you might find it useful, otherwise I suggest you look into a more advanced market research tool.

Micro Niche Finder Review Conclusion:

MicroNicheFinder Software

Regardless of its price, I believe, from my testing and reading lots of other reviews, MicroNicheFinder has a great value for the money. It will save you hours of testing and uncertainty on finding the right niches, products, and keywords to promote. MicroNicheFinder promises to find you untapped niches and delivers, as long as you’re willing to let it do its thing in the background and patiently waiting for results.

Micro Niche Finder Bonus

I have a very special Micro Niche Finder Bonus pack to compliment your purchase of MicroNicheFinder through this site.

Read the instructions carefully to make sure you qualify for those bonuses. Click here for MicroNicheFinder Bonuses

Try Micro Niche Finder and leave your review here, we’d love to know what you think about it.

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