Jul 122012

Full Backlink Building Automation WordPress Plugin

Creates Panda and Penguin Proof Backlinks On AutoPilot

Loki Link Builder is a new WordPress plugin designed to improve your rankings by generating backlinks from high authority sites on complete autopilot. We all know how many  old link building techniques are irrelevant post Penguin and Panda updates.  Sean Donahue, one of the most resourceful, innovating and well-known internet marketer and product creator has just come out with a new WordPress plugin that takes link building post Penguin and Panda to the next level.

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Loki Link Builder is a unique plugin. It basically builds authority backlinks pointing not only to your site, but to every backlink you create that leads back to your site. It’s essentially building a sophisticated Link Pyramid on autopilot. As long as you keep this plugin active it will keep working for you, adding more and more backlinks to your site, as backlinks are being built from content found by the search engines. In other words, the plugin actually gets Google and other search engines to build links for you!

Here’s how Loki Link Builder  work:

Initial set up is a two steps process

– You set up your keywords Find hot keywords with keywordsXP now on a discounted special offer. – Set up a few web 2.0 accounts ( can be outsourced at Fiverr.com)

Let The Magic Begin

Once your account are created , grab the RSS Feeds of them all and place it into the plugins system.  You can do the same to your video sharing sites, doc sharing sites article marketing account feeds, and pretty much any site your would like to promote. You can also do the same for sites you have commented on. Use the Ultimate Backlink Finder to Find High Quality Authority Sites I will later on post a list of RSS Feeds from these sites that you can copy and replace the account ID with your own.

So, What’s the Big Deal?

What you’re essentially doing is directing the plugin to every content you have ever created that points back to your site.  This automated backlink plugin will then start building links to all these pages. So you’re basically building backlinks to your backlinks and increase Link Juice pointing to your site.

Pretty cool, right?  But that’s not all, not even close.

The best kind of links you can get are the ones coming from relevant, authority sites in your niche , right?it makes sense, as it points to Google and other search engines that your site is recognized by your niche’s leaders and that is a proof or your quality.

So what you do next is the real beauty of this plugin:

You start searching for high quality feeds relevant to your niche. You can build ones yourself using Yahoo! Pipes . The plugin already comes pre-configured with news feeds from the major search engines:

What Loki Link Builder does is using this high quality content that search engines recognizes as authority to point back to your own content. 

All links created are coming from unique I.P’s and are pointing to random pages that you have set on the initial step.

Automatic Syndication of your content

Lastly, you can also use the plugin to syndicate your content using emails transmission to sites such as Tumblr.com, HelloTXT Seesmic.com and pretty much any other site that allows email posting. Loki Link builder has even more features and there are many other stuff you can do to keep pushing these backlinks even more which Sean reveals on the members area.

So, What’s In It For Me?

Well, you should probably know by now how important backlinks are. Loki Link Builder not only builds backlinks to your site, but does so for every backlink you create pointing to your site, so you get even more link juice power flooding your site. Not only that , it will keep building those links for you on full autopilot, whether you create more content or not.

Final Words. For Now

I already bought the plugin and have started putting it to work on a few of my blogs.  I got the developers license that can easily pay off the cost, when offering it to my clients. I will post more info , videos and results once I get the whole thing up and running.

download loki link builder plugin now

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