Local SEO Crusher Bonus

Mar 272012

Local SEO Crusher is finally here and I’d like to reward you with a bonus pack that will add to the Local SEO Crusher Course.

Local SEO Crusher course , by Mark Dulisse and Carl Vanderpal is a much anticipated local SEO course that will help you dominate local niches and make profit as an afflilate , by promoting your own local businesses and by providing local SEO services and making money from businesses who are struggling to promote their local business

Local SEO Crusher should be a great course to participate in, and I myself cannot wait to dig in to its materials and review it.

I would like to offer you some additional internet marketing products that can complement your Local SEO Crusher Course purchase and help you jump start your online business.

Local SEO Crusher Bonus 1:

Brad Callen’s SEO Made Easy

Brad Callen is a well known internet marketer and product creator. We have reviews and tested some of Brad’s products already, such as the  Niche Finder– market research software, and SEO Elite -SEO and site ranking booster.

SEO Made Easy is a 90 pages SEO Book, a must for those interested in ranking high in search engines ( wouldn’t you? :lol:)

Local SEO Crusher Bonus 2:

How To Get 10,000 Real YouTube Viewers In a Week

Carl Vanderpal and Mark Dulisse  are both experienced video marketers and I have personally use Marks products to promote my own businesses online.

This Ebook will share strategies and  tools you can use to dramatically increase your youtube channel and videos popularity, and ranking . Use these methods to promote your local business, help your customers get found online and boost your money sites ranking by linking them to your channels and videos.

Local SEO Crusher Bonus 3:

Internet Marketing Graphics Pack

Any marketer in any niche needs quality graphics. Getting these graphics custom made will cost you an arm and a leg, or take valuable time if your skilled enough to do so.

Mark Dulisse’s latest product – Shortcode Deluxe generates shortcodes for most of your marketing images and content, so you’d be able to insert images, buttons, designed text , testimonials and many other graphic elements to your site .

Weather you use marks shortcode Delux plugin or not,  these graphics will do wonders for your sites and products. Use this marketing graphics to boost your conversion, make your site  look more professional and appealing to your viewers.

This Graphics pack Bonus includes  sources files , meaning you can easily edit those buttons, headlines and other graphics to suit your needs.

If that wasn’t enough, you will also get full PLR license to use these graphics to whatever purpose you wish and need.


How to Claim Your Local SEO Crusher Bonus?

1. Clear all cookies in your browser
2. Visit Local SEO Crusher using this link
3. You’ll only receive your bonus if your purchase will be listed in our account.
4. Fill in the Contact form and enter your invoice number/transaction number
5. An email with the your personal download link for your Local SEO Crusher Bonus will be sent to you.

Please allow up to 72 hours for us to respond.

If you do not like the content for any reason, no problem , get your money back and keep all your Local SEO Crusher Bonuses
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