Aug 072012

Learn Our Secret, Highly Effective Blueprint For Earning Residual Income From Local Businesses With Apps

Host: Shawn Shellenbarger

Learn to make powerful Apps in minutes that you can easily sell to local businesses, sports teams, church groups and much more.


Shawn shares his strategies on creating simple mobile apps that you can sell to local businesses to help them promote their businesses. These simple apps  allow your customers to login and edit their own App and have access to a complete marketing platform . You will help those local business owners to Text Message, Email Message, Twitter and Facebook all their best customers in seconds.

In This Local Business Apps Webinar You’ll Learn

  • How to set app local business apps that you can provide to local businesses.
  • How to market those local business apps with marketing material Shawn provides.
  • How to generate income from these apps
  • How to price local business apps for maximum conversion and profit.

Shawn’s system is a complete local business apps business in a box, all geared up with both online and offline promotional materials that will help you get your app business up and running in no time


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