LinkTrackr Review

Feb 112012

LinkTrackr –  link cloaking and advertising tracking services

LinkTrackr, much like its close competitor LinkTrack  is a web-based internet marketing tool that enables you to hide your links, monitor and links, advertising and traffic. advertising tracking allows you to better understand and analyze your strengths and weaknesses and saves you both time and effort trying to promote your product and services on using ineffective marketing strategies . By using such services you’d also be able to hide links from competitors and customers by cloaking them, a process that allows you to turn those ugly affiliate links into something more attractive and more important – secure link structure.

LinkTrackr Review

If you’re serious about being involved in affiliate marketing, or promoting your own business or products online, it is essential you know which marketing strategy works best and worth investing your time and money in, and which one simply holds you back. Links and advertising is considered a must when it comes to optimizing your marketing efforts online.

LinkTrackr is a widely used and preyed upon web-based application that tracks your links and building the volume of traffic to your website

LinkTrackr Description

LinkTrackr  is internet based. In other words, and does not require any download and set up,  you will be able to gain access to it anywhere you are, as long as you have internet connection. This tool has been designed to help you and other affiliate marketers in gaining the upper hand, as far as dominating your niche market is concerned.

LinkTrackr Tools Review

Link Cloaking. LinkTrackr provides a simple and easy link cloaking tool that will help you hide links such as affiliate links, and customize them. This helps you both hide affiliate links from competitors and has makes your links more attractive to your customers and has been reported to increase conversion rate.

LinkTrackr will track hundreds of banner ads, PPC campaigns, and other online advertising clicks. Advertising Tracking is essential to find the most effective ads that give you the best ROI (return of investment) values.

Take advantage of free, viral traffic, and ready buyers from well-known social media portals.

Apply split testing on your landing pages for the improvement of your conversion rates. Split testing, much like ads tracking will enable you to optimize your sites look and performance. You’d be able to learn what triggers the best reactions from your customers, and ultimately converts better.

Perform Blog monetization in auto pilot mode with the powerful WordPress plugin. You’d be able to turn any keyword phrase to a cloaked affiliate link that can generate substantial income.

LinkTrackr Target Market

Free Affiliate Marketing Tips
LinkTrackr can and should be used by anyone who is trying to earn money through the internet, either by promoting their own products, or as affiliate marketers.

LinkTrackr Price

LinkTrackr has 4 packages that you can choose from to match your own requirements. Basic at $9 per month;  Pro at $19 per month;  Hyper at 39$ a month and  the Xtreme at $69 a month.

Click Here to learn more about each LinkTrackr package.

LinkTrackr Product/Package Inclusions

Free Plan – comes with 10 Tracking Links, 500 Clicks per month, Basic Viral Marketing, and Default Domain.

LinkTrackr Basic – 100 Tracking Links, 10,000 Clicks per month, Advanced Viral Marketing, Your Own Domain, and Custom Home Page.

LinkTrackr Pro –  500 Tracking Links, 50,000 Clicks per month, Advanced Viral Marketing, Your Own Domains, Custom Home Page, Conversion Tracking, and Affiliate Pixel Tracking.

LinkTrackr Hyper – 1,000 Tracking Links, 100,000 Clicks / Month, Advanced Viral Marketing, Branded Domains, Custom Home Page, Conversion Tracking, A/B Split Testing

LinkTrackr Xtreme – Unlimited Tracking Links, Unlimited Clicks per month, Advanced Viral Marketing, Your Own Domains, Custom Home Page, Conversion Tracking, Affiliate Pixel Tracking, and Split Testing.

LinkTrackr Free

LinkTrackr offers a 1 year free trial account with 10 tracking links, maximum 500 clicks a month, and basic link cloaking features. So, you can set it up, try it out and see if it’s worth your money.

LinkTrackr Conclusion

If you need a tool to conveniently track and boost your online performance, then it is time to take charge and try LinkTrackr. With its trial version, attractive packages, and 30 day money back guarantee, there is not much of a risk you are going to take in taking advantage of it.

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