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Feb 192012

Link Track Review- Best Links and Advertising Tracking Service?

Link Track is a web- based adverting tracking serves . It enables you to track and monitor all links you have created across the web so that you’ll know exactly where your traffic is coming from, what converts well and so on. Advertising tracking and link tracking are vital to your online success. It will help you save time and money on fruitless efforts and helps you fine tune your marketing campaigns.


Being successful online often involves trying a number of marketing strategies . It is often a matter of trial and error and even within each strategy certain variation can prove more beneficial from the others. It is therefore essential for any Internet marketer to succeed online. One such strategy on promoting your online business is generating backlinks to your site.  Link Track provides a simple and effective way of monitoring your links.

Link Track Description

Link Track is a web-based service, that will not only monitor or track the links you created but will  also  help you shorten your links, so that they would be easier to read, recall, and be sent out to people without any difficulties. This will help you hide your affiliate links while knowing exactly what works best and what’s not worth your efforts.

Link Track is very easy to use, it is filled with colorful graphs, to help better understand the data provided. You can use your own domain name to track links, provides detailed tracking information, plus real-time reports.

Link Track Features

Depending on the plan you would avail for Link Track, the features you may be able to take advantage are the following.

– Unlimited Links

– Real-Time Reporting

– Detailed Charts and Graphs

– Re-Target Links Anytime

– Links Never Expire

– Custom Vanity Links

– Shareable Tracking Reports, and many more!

Link Track Target Market

Any advertising tracking or link tracking is important for those who want to seriously be involved in Internet Marketing. The Link Track tool is made for people who want to monitor their links in a simple and effective way through the internet.

Link Track Price

You can take advantage of Link Track in three options :  Link Track Free , Personal, and Professional Packages. The free option would provide you the basic features for it, which include the Unlimited Links, Free Real-time Tracking, Charts and Graphs, and Free Premium Trial. Link Track Personal and Professional Packages naturally come with more features included with them, and their prices are $6.95 and $24.95 per month respectively.

Link Track  Product/Package Inclusions

The available package plans differ on the features that are included. Therefore, a person can refer to the list of the features on each of the plans, in order to choose the one that would suit him best. When it comes to support though, a person can always check out more information about how to use the tool by visiting the site.

Link Track Review Conclusion

Any link and advertising tracking tools is important for your online success, and helps fine tune your efforts, to maximize profit and effectiveness. Since the Link Track can be tested out first with the free option, there is not much of a risk you will be putting you and your money into if you give it a try. If you are indeed in search for the best way to track your links, then this is the tool that you are looking for.

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