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Nov 132011

Link Claw – Automatically index ,Monitor and Boost Your Backlinks

Link Claw is a backlink creation software promising to boost your search engine ranking by automatically generate backlinks through RSS Submission.

Having a backlink indexed means Google and other search engines recognizes these links. Backlinks creation is one of the biggest part of off site optimization that ultimately leads to higher search engines rankings.

Problem is,only a very small portion of the backlinks your create will be counted by the search engines. Why? Because these backlinks first needs to be crawled by the search engines spiders which  is highly dependent on the traffic the site gets . Some say that only 15% of all backlinks you create will eventually be found and indexed by search engines.

Additionally, webmasters may delete or modify backlinks you’ve created on their site and you will lose them forever.

Link Claw deals with these two issues on autopilot.

Link Claw Demo Video

Here’s a quick Link Claw Demo Video to show you how the software works:

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Link Claw Features:

1. You start of by creating a backlink list. Here you have two options to play with:

– Link Claw’s auto backlinks discovery tool – will fetch all backlinks it can find

– Import Your own set of  backlinks to the list.

2. Link Claw will automatically analyze your links and tell you if they are valid and checks if they are follow or nofollow.

3. Once your backlinks are validates they are automatically converted into a specially dripped RSS feed.

Link Claw Backlinks Health and Validation Process

  • Know if a link campaign is giving you LIVE links
  • See if a link campaign is giving you nofollow or followed links. Do follow links carry much more weight in the eyes of the search engines and are a major boost to your off site optimization strategy.
  • Identify broken reciprocal link. Link Claw allows you to automatically follow all reciprocal links partners so if your links are changed or deleted you’ll immediately be warned and be able to take action for.
  • See if your backlinks stay active over time. Webmasters often remove backlinks, change their setting to nofollow  and heart your search engine rankings. With Link Claw you’ll have full control over what your link look like.

Link Claw gets your backlinks indexed by drip submitting rss feeds.

  • In order to maximize result, and avoid spam alerts,  Only valid backlinks included in the RSS Feed to
  • Link Claw automatically uses different titles and descriptions for each backlink by reading the content on the page. This creates various links with different title and description that makes each link unique by the search engines.
  • Link Claw then drift feeds your rss feeds to make sure a high percentage of them are accepted.
  • These generated links will be automatically discovered by Link Claw.

That means you’re boosting your own backlinks. as these backlinks are pointing to your money-making sites, they will ultimately boost your own sites ranking. Take this even further and boost your web 2.0 sites backlinks such as your youtube channel, squidoo, twitter account and have them all linking to your site for even more backlinks juice.

Making Money with Link Claw

You should not use this software to promote your own business alone. Use Link Claw to start a backlinks service for clients eager to get more of their own backlinks.

1. offer your link indexation service. offer online businesses to index and promote their backlinks for a small per link fee.

2. Offer Link Monitoring service for client that pay for backlinks.

3. Offer Link Boosting services for clients.

You can easily charge per link services price that adds up to a quick and easy cash generated with a click of a button.

Link Claw and other Backlinks services.

I’ve recently reviewed RSS LinkBomber which deals with backlinks creation on autopilot by turning all you posts and feed, your web 2.0 links ecs into feeds, and blast them to rss aggregators. You can combine the two for very effective backlinks campagin.

Use rss linkbomber to create tons of backlinks to your content , then boost these backlinks by setting them up to drift feed with Link Claw.

RSS Link Claw Price.

  • $97  Elite Developer License: The full Elite developers license which you can use for 1000 domains to monitor and build RSS feeds for up to 100,000 links! also comes with full commercial rights to use Link Claw on client sites.
  • $47   Multi-site [PRO]:for the marketer with up to 25 websites or blogs. Monitor and boost those backlinks! Use on up to 25 domains to monitor up to 25,000 links
  • $27  $ Single site [LITE]: for the entrepreneur with just one website who wants to ensure his link building campaigns are on full throttle. Use on a single domain and monitor up to 1,000 links.

All Licenses are backed up with a 30 days full money-back guarantee.

Link Claw Conclusion

I have recently purchased Link Claw and am waiting will deliver my conclusion shortly. In the meantime you’re more than welcomed to see what others are saying on the warrior Forum and give it a try yourself.

We’ll be happy to know what you think of Link Claw, please leave  your comments and rank this product to help other marketers find the marketing tools that meets their needs.

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