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Mar 112012

Jiffy Articles -Write Unique Articles In Under 10 Minutes

Jiffy Articles is another article marketing software from internet marketer Jon Leger, creator of the famous BestSpinner software. Jiffy articles promises to greatly decrease article writing process.
Article marketing has always been considered one of the better ways to promote your site and products. When done correctly, articles can be widely distributed and carry your backlinks with them. Additionally , many site administrators often use articles from articles directories to generate fresh content to their site. These articles will keep your backlinks pointing to whatever page you choose to and can be a huge factor in your backlinking strategy and offsite optimization efforts.


Article marketing still is an effective long term solution to creating backlinks and generating traffic to your site.

the main problems with article marketing are :

– Articles should be as unique as possible for Google and other search engines to consider them worthy.

– Articles should be reader worthy. after all, if they don’t convert to clicks and sells, they hardly do you justice. a good written article will go a long way, generating many backlinks and is far worth the effort and time.

Writing unique articles takes a long time, but it’s definitely worth it. Question is, how do you speed this process. After all, the more articles you make, the more backlinks, traffic and ultimately – money you will make.

This is where Jiffy Articles might be handy.

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Jiffy Articles Review

Jiffy Articles is a web-based product that offers a unique system which creates articles templates for you so you can speed up articles creation process.

The articles template JiffyArticles creates are all categories and will help you use the most common and effective article structure for each article you write.

At the time we tested the system, Jiffy Articles was still in beta testing, and had already 4,619 Templates In 50 Categories, and you can expect these numbers to grow over time.

How Does Jiffy Article Work?

Step One-choose template:

– You can search templates by category

-Templates can be filtered by keywords

Step Two – Customize your headlines

Jiffy articles will supply you with the most effective titles and sub titles, which you can leave as is or modify to make it more unique.

Step Three- Complete the paragraphs based on the headlines suggested.

Jiffy Articles suggests ideas based on a huge database of articles on each topic. You can simply follow these outlines or choose your own topics for the article.

Step Four (optional) – Export the content to your favorite text editor if you feel it makes it easier.

Jiffy Articles Pros

This little article writing software can greatly decrease article writing time by helping you finding articles ideas and copy-written titles automatically.

Jiffy Articles Cons

Jiffy Articles is still in Beta testing and there will be more features added. at the moment keyword search for template is yet as efficient as it can be, and it is best to relay on category based search in my opinion.

Jiffy Articles Conclusion

As Jiffy Articles has not been officially released, I think it is fair to give it time to finalize our thoughts.

Try Jiffy Articles For Free

If you are into articles marketing, try Jiffy Articles for free while it is still in Beta testing. Make the best of it before it goes live Nov 21st

Other Products That Complete Your Articles Marketing Strategy:

Once you have completed your article, it is best to spin it to create as many unique versions of the same article. This will greatly increase your content exposure and backlink creation

There are several free article spinners you can easily find, but none is more effective and easy than Jon Leger’s Best Spinner

Thank you for reading our Jiffy Article Review. If you have tested this software we’d love to know what you think of it.

Please leave a comment and rate Jiffy Articles and help fellow marketers find the tools that fits them best.

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