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Jan 162012

Get Free Backlinks With IMAutomator

IMAutomator is a great, little known service that can produce you a high amount of free backlinks with very little effort. Getting backlinks to your site is an important aspect in off site SEO, and you’ll be able to get up to 150 of those everyday for free.

What is IMAutomator?

IMAutomator is a free and paid service that will help you automate social bookmarking and backlink creation.  In the post Panda era , social bookmarking has proven to play a roll in your site rankings in addition to creating backlinks to your site. IMAutomator takes care of it in a very cool way.

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What is IM Automator Free Membership?

At the moment, there are two membership plans, though according to the owners, the free membership plan will soon be replaced by a “lite membership” for a small monthly fee, mainly due to the system being abused by spammers. So, if you haven’t gotten an account yet, go ahead and give it a try, before this free IM Automator service will no longer be available.

The free account allows you to get up to 10 submission to 15 social bookmarketing services. That’s 150 free backlinks everyday with very little effort.

Here’s how IMAutomator Free Service works:

1. Get Free Backlinks With IMAutomatorEnter Your Desired URL

2. Extract All Necessary Information Automatically

3. Choose a Category That Best Describes Your Post

4. Choose The Submission Speed.

5. Submit.

You see, the process takes a few moments, and you’ll get to create a handful of backlinks to your site.


The great thing about this service is that you can drip feed your bookmarks which makes it look much more natural to the search engines as opposed to blasting them all in one go.

What is The IMAutomator Premium Membership?

imautomator plansAt the moment, Pro membership to IMAutomator is full, but this is about to change soon.

The major difference here is you can get up to 2660 daily backlinks promoting your content with ease.

You access to articles submitter tool which pushes up to 15 articles with 2 links each to 56 services. That’s 1680 backlinks a day to your site, not to mention the exposure, traffic and viral potential of those articles.

The IM Atomator RSS Feed Submitter sends up to 10 of your feeds to 12 different sites every day,

And you can submit up to 10 submissions to 11 different directories each day.

That obviously works out to a ton of backlinks.

 What If I Don’t Have That Many Posts?

The great thing about it, is you can choose any URL to promote, so each photo you’ve shared on flickrr, each video you uploaded, your squidoo lenses, your comments, all can be submitted here .By building backlinks to your backlinks you help search engines find your content and index it a lot faster while strengthening your backlinks which ultimately pass stronger link juice to your site, thus increasing your page rank.

IMAutomator Pros

Well, it’s free ( or soon to be very cheap) yet simple and powerful.

It takes a few minutes to get it all done as it pulls content’s meta information with a click.

Drip feeding your submission enables it to look more natural to the search engines

IMAutomator Cons

IMAutomator currently doesn’t support spintax, so you’re not getting unique links from each submission, though this feature is promised to be soon introduced.

If you are looking at this kind of service, try SocialMonkee another great free service I have reviewed recently.

IMAutomator doesn’t offer any links, or reports to the actual backlinks created ( A feature you can find at SocialMonkee for example) which can greatly help you if you want to further push those links via LinkClaw and Loki Link Builder the likes.

IMAutomator Conclusion

IMAutomator is a great free tool to add to your backlink creation arsenal. The premium membership will get you tons of daily free backlinks from different sources. Do not settle for these types of backlinks only, and try to get more backlinks from other sources such as authority sites (EDU, GOV Backlinks), RSS Feeds, Articles, and the likes.
With IM Automator you’d be able to push those links even further and increase the link juice flowing to your site.

If you really want to supercharge your ranking with backlinks , add some authority backlinks (EDU, GOV) to your backlink mix. You Can find them for Free using this free backlink finder

[font family=”georgia,palatino” size=”14″ color=”19730F” textshadow=”0″ alignment=”left” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″]Right, I really hope you find this post useful and urge you to give IMAutomator a try, and get free backlinks as soon as you can.[/font]

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