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Nov 072011

HyperTracker- Customize, hide and track your links and ads

HyperTracker is an intelligent links and advertising tracking service that enables you to know exactly what your strengths and weaknesses are. By monitoring and tracking your links, you’d be able to save valuable time, money and effort by tunneling it to the right, most productive directions.




Imagine standing in the mall shouting at passing people , trying to sell your staff. People do so, and make good money to, but they do not have to spend money on their advertising. Now lets assume you applied the same technique online, randomly displaying advertisement, creating links, and so on. You’d never know what really works for you and end up spending a fortune just trying.

In order to ensure your products, services and content are being exposed to a large and responsive audience, you must run precise, targeted campaigns. Problem is, you may easily loose track of you tasks and efforts. knowing exactly which component of your marketing strategy has yielded the best results is crucial in order to save money and effort otherwise spend carelessly on unfruitful campaigns. This is where HyperTracker can help you out.

HyperTracker Description

The HyperTracker 2.0 is a brand new software program designed to track your marketing efforts. HyperTracker works for both  free or paid promotional ads. This sophisticated tracking management system will help you make more money from your marketing efforts, while minimizing your cost for it.  HyperTracker will ensure that you will be able to introduce your product to the right people, with the use of the right types of advertising tools, with the right medium, at the right time.

It doesn’t really matter how you get your customers. Whether it is email newsletters, search engine optimization,network marketing, pop-up advertising, ree classifieds, eBook marketing, email marketing, fbanner ads, or press releases, HyperTracker will help you not wasting your money and time with the number of features that it offers.

HyperTracker Features

  • Instant comparison of the success rate of your past and current ads.
  • Count the number of unique visitors in relation to each ad campaign- Know how effective your campaigns are.
  • Track the number of sales, clicks, and actions generated by your ads. Know which ad design and placement converts better.
  • Indicate which ads generate more volume of traffic, actions, and sales. Find out what is the best location for your ads.
  • Provide a way for you to take a look at your previous, current, and new ads, and many more!

Is HyperTracker For You?

The HyperTracker is best for both new and experienced online marketers who are looking for ways to minimize the expenses they have with regard to their marketing campaigns, and also increase their sales. This software program can provide benefits to an online marketer involved in any kind of internet business, and big companies can also benefit from it, especially if they are using internet marketing strategies to promote their products.

HyperTracker Price

You will have four options when it comes to availing of this HyperTracker program.

Free – 14-day Trial Period

Bronze – $19.95 per month.

Silver – $17.95 every 6 months

Gold – $14.95 every year.

HyperTracker Description Product/Package Inclusions

For the price indicated above, you will be able to take advantage of the HyperTracker tool with new features, higher speed, unmatched tracking ability, plus advanced security and protection system.

HyperTracker Description Conclusion

With a software program that you can try for two weeks trial for free, and is also covered by money back guarantee, you can never go wrong with it, especially when it is loaded with lots of features that will help you attain business success.

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