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Dec 142011

How to Use Google Plus One Button  on Your Site

google +1 button

Google Plus One Button  is officially on!  As of today, Google allows site owners to place the Google +1 on their site. Google’s been long searching for a social button as an answer to Facebook’s like button, and now it’s officially available for everyone. So you might be asking yourself what differs this button from other share buttons we all got to know and use?

The Google Plus One promises to provide better search results giving a significant weight to people’s recommendations. As you search for information, Google will add the +1 score to its search result adding readability to the sites people liked the most.

The +1 annotations will be visible only to people you are connected with through Google. Google Plus One is designed to help you reveal related links that people you know and trust also find useful.

Promote the use of the new button on your own site:

Introduce the button to your site’s visitors, ask them to vote for your site. It’s likely that some if not most of your sites visitors haven’t heard or used the +1 button before. A nice call to action at the end of your posts will produce better results and help you promote your site in the search engine rankings.

Integrating the Google Plus One button on your site

In order to take advantage of the +1 button you have to agree with Google’s terms and have a Google account that will open to the public.

Web masters can add the Google Plus One to the sites by including a simple code in the header and body of the site. Visit Google’s +1 button code generator grab the code and the instructions for the process.

Here’s a quick guide to integrate the +1 button to your WordPress site:

Important note : Backup the files you wish to change, or make a copy of it one a notpad file before you make the following changes.

On your site’s dashboard go to Appearance —- > Editor — > Locate the header.php file

Place the following script before the </head> tag

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Save your setting.

Now, open the Single.php file, place the following code wherever you want it to be displayed:

<g:plusone href=”<?php the_permalink(); ?>”></g:plusone>

That’s it, you’re done. Save your setting and visit your site to see the results.

How to customize the Google Plus One

At the moment, Google offers 4 sizes, a counter display that can be turned on or off similar to the Facebook like button, and a language option. All functions are customizable using the Google +1 button code generator

Managing  Your +1s Recommendations

All of your +1 recommendations are available in your Google profile.  You can now opt to keep it private or share it with the public.

Google +1 WP plugins

If you’re not completely comfortable with coding yet, you may want to wait a bit for the wp plugin that will allow you greater control over positioning the button. Heres a link to a list of WordPress Plugins Your an choose from

Final Thoughts:

Time will tell if Google’s plus one button will have a positive impact on the search engine result and if it would be as widely popular as Facebook Like , or Twitters Tweet button.

In my opinion, the biggest issue with the +1 button will be how Google intend to prevent site owners from manipulate these results ( by paying users to recommend their sites for example) in order for it to really help web searcher to find good result for their queries.

We’ll keep an eye on further development and review its progress in future posts.

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