How Do YOU Twitter?

Dec 102011

How do you twitter right to get twitter followers

Knowing how to get twitter followers is an essential trait when it comes to social marketing.Twitter is a great marketing tools for any business. Twitter is a social network and micro-blogging platform that allows you to communicate with your prospects through a short 140 character tweet platform. The main key element of Twitter is that it allows you to spread the word out, share your links, promote your products and site with only a few words. That’s why twitter has quickly become one of the most popular marketing tools out there.

In This article, and the video attached I’ll show you how to twitter the right way, how to get twitter followers and not just any followers, but targeted, interested twitter followers that you can later turn into buyers, clients for as long as you keep on the code of conduct. This system will not only help you get twitter followers, but it will be a key element in getting free targeted traffic to your website, increasing your website page -rank and improving your credibility.

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Step 1 : Set Up Your Twitter Account

In the first part of this “how do you twitter” series we’ve discussed and demonstrated the key elements to follow when setting up a twitter account.

Once your Twitter account is set up, it is time to follow these simple steps and get  twitter followers:

Step 2: Follow The Leaderspread the word using twitter

If your goal is to get twitter followers, your main issue would be – who do you target?

There is no easier answer to that then – follow the leader. If you already have explored your niche, you know who your “gurus” are and you can look for their twitter account.

Twellow is a great tool to simplify the process as it allows you to find the twitter leaders in any niche, and following them directly through the site.

Step 3: Introduce Yourself

You never start selling right away, no one will dare following you back. Start by building your group of followers. Simply tell them who you are and what you do. Make sure you let them know the value you add: what’s in it for them to follow you.

Step 4: Provide Value

You always want to provide extra value to get  twitter followers and gain their trust and respect. Here are some ideas you can try without to much hustle:

  • Share related stories you came across that you also found interesting or informative.
  • Retweet interesting tweets from someone you follow.
  • Offer links to free content: videos, articles, photosget twitter followers fast

Step 5: Get Noticed

Remember, if your Tweet is catchy, and you have your targeted followers, it is likely the word will spread like fire, so plan your Tweet well, study your competition and see what’s working best for them.

Make sure your tweets are genuine and catchy. Here are a few guidelines to help you think of a great tweet that will catch.

•Ask a provocative question
• Write a news-like headline
• Write a humorous headline
• Top….List
• Relate your article to current trends, news and events
• How to…..tutorials

Step 6: Consistency

You have to stay consistent to get  twitter followers, offering more value to your followers everyday. If you randomly tweet you’re soon going to be forgotten:

  • Tweet often and regularly.
  • Monitor your tweets and know when its best to tweet to your costumers.
  • Tweet everyday.
  • Stay relevant to your niche
  • Spread your tweets across the day and find out the most effective times to tweet
  • No hard Selling. Direct to new or interesting content.
  • Do not spam!
  • limit yourself to 10-15 tweets a day

Step 7 : Twitter Automation

There are many services that offer you to automate most processes on twitter. We’ll discuss more on Automating Twitter on the next part of our How do you twitter course.
  • Use Auto welcome tweet to greet new followers more personally. (This is a great feature by Socialoomph and you can set up a free account and give it a go)
  • Automatically follow your followers. Another service provided by Socialoomph
  • Link your blog, youtube, facebook account and other social network site.
  • Auto tweet your blog post, facebook comments, shared content
  • Automatically gather new targeted followers with keyword research tools

Visit Out Twitter Product Reviews Section and compare the different Twitter tools that will allow you to automate your Twitter activities.

Save valuable time on your twitter marketing efforts, while your get twitter followers , get your content submitted and much more, all on autopilot.

Automation is a key element in being a successful marketer. It frees up valuable time so you can do more important tasks like creating new content and exploring new keywords.
The next part of How Do You Twitter Course will be entirely on automating your Twitter and other social account process .
Stay tuned for more.
So go ahead and implement those steps, get twitter followers that a relevant to your niche and start interacting.

I’d love to have feedback from you, let me know what you think  of this article and what else you want to learn.

To Your Success
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