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Finding High PR YouTube Channels and videos is pretty easy. Today we’re going to grab some backlink juice from old friend Youtube.

The SEO strategy we’re implementing is very easy and anyone can follow. It was shared by Carl Vanderpal and Mark Dulisse free during the Local SEO Crusher Launch, and I would like to take it a step further.

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Basic and Free Tools Required Here:

In order to make it work, you’ll first need to install SEO Quake free firefox add on.

Now, go to Google’s advance search and type your desired keyword.

type you exact keyword you’re looking for. So if I was to look at the do training niche, I’d type: “dog training”.

Next,you want to add the minimum subscribers or followers the channel had, this will filter the best channels from the lot.

Under one or more of these words: simply add  “subscribers 200…200000”  Or “friends 200…2000000“. off course you can choose different values

lastly, type to make sure the data google pulls is only youtube channels.

so your entire search string should look something like:

“dog training” “subscribers 200…2000000” OR “friends 200…2000000”

you can extent your search by looking for videos by replacing with

Now you want to arrange your results by PR, to get the highest pr channels first

You’ll now be able to see the most successive, high rated youtube channels in your niche.

Look closely at the results and you’ll see how many friends and subscribers this user has.








Now it’s time for you to visit each channel and make an appropriate comment.

most links on youtube are nofollow links, that will not provide you with any link juice, however, links within youtube are all dofollow links.

You can easily inspect these links by installing a nodofollow add in to Firefox.

That means that subscribing to this channel, adding comments and engaging in other activities the channel offers will reward you in some very powerful, tasty link juice to your own youtube channel and boost its rating.

You would then want to make sure Google and other search engines crawl to this channel and find your links, by pinging it, with one of many pinging services on the market.

This method is best implemented after conducting a thorough marker research and finding the right keywords to market with.

Learn more about market research here.

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How To Dominate YouTube

If you really want to automate the process I suggest you have a look at one of the most amazing YouTube software on the market: TubeNair

This powerful software bundle will automatically find Youtube channels users, and videos, and allow you to follow, subscribe, comment, share a video and pretty much anything you want to do on youtube on autopilot.

Using TubeNaire you’d be able to get a massive friends and subscribers list, have your channel ranked at the top of the search engines and get tons on traffic and backlinks to your money sites. you can even just promote affiliate products directly through youtube and get those ranked high using this ineradicable software.

Here’s a live demo of TubeNair

Advance users Tips:

One important aspect in link building is strengthening your backlinks. By building backlinks to your backlinks you raise their pr which not only might get you more traffic, but it will boost your main sites ranking as higher level links point out to it.

One easy method of doing so is to grab your desired URL ( in our case, the channel’s URL and its RSS Feed ) and submit it to rss aggergators.

If there is no RSS Feed available you can create one using free services such

I have recently found a great tool you can put your hands on for free, called Traffic Launch Pad  , All you do is add the URL, the RSS FEED and a desired keyword you wish to rank for and perss submit,

This cool little software will do all the hard work for you and submit your links across the web.

Now, do it for you own site, web 2.0 sites, articles ecs, and yo have yourself a great collection of full powered backlinks  in minutes.


Another great solution lays in a simple rss plugin called RSS Link Bomber  which we have already reviewed extensively here.

This plugin allows you to mesh up external feeds with your site’s posts and pages feeds which it creates automatically. It will then distribute those feeds to RSS Aggreagators on autopilot.

This way your Channel get’s backlinks from external sites and it’s PR grows even higher.


Similar tactics can be done by syndicating your feeds with via Hootsuit and push those links out to your social media accounts.


That’s it for now.

Hope you’ve found this information useful

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