Jun 182014

In this cool video you’ll learn how to find high PR aged domains using nothing but free tools.

One can use these aged domains to build a blog network, to redirect traffic to a different site, or to build a new site based on that domain authority and age for faster rankings.



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This is a very clever method that can replace paid services.

Tools referred to in the video 

Watch the previous expired domains video here: http://autobacklinkbomb.com/forum/index.php/topic,6182.0.html

Download netpeak checker here: http://netpeak.net/software/netpeak-checker/

Get the XML to CSV application here: http://xmltocsv.codeplex.com/

Get Private Elite Proxies here: http://abbasravji.com/elite-proxies

GoDaddy FTP: ftp://ftp.godaddy.com/ (type in auctions for username and leave password blank)
NOTE: You can use Filezilla to access the files if you have problems using your browser. See the attached screenshot to show how to conne