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Mar 202012

New, Free Guest Blog Network Distributes Your Articles For Easy Quality Backlinks

Content Facilitator is a one of a guest blog network that connects content creation with real site owners. Guest posting is a very effective way to build quality backlinks and generate highly targeted traffic to your site. The idea is quite simple; writers write high quality and unique content on authority sites and get their quality backlinks, traffic and reputation growing, while site owners get fresh and unique content published on their site. There are a few basic principles you should adhere to that will make this marketing strategy effective, and you can read more about guest blog marketing here.

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Join Content Facilitators Now and Get 50$ Advertising Credits

As mentioned in the previous article, one of the main issues with guest post marketing is finding the right blogs that offer you to post your content on their site. Bare in mind that authority sites in popular niches are receiving a handful of guest posts to filter through and it is estimated that only 1 out of 5 of site owners will actually approve your article.

I have recently came across a new website that eliminates these hurdles and makes it easier for bother site owners and writes to find what they need.

Content Facilitator Review

Content Facilitator is a new service that connects between site owners and  people who are willing
to write guest blog posts. This service is a real-time saver for those wishing to invest their time on guest blogging.
This new network has aired just recently and is gaining momentum fast, so joining early can place you on a great position and is a fantastic opportunity to get your content exposed and published quickly.

Content Facilitator Is Not a Private Blog Network

Private blog networks, such as SEO LinkVine , SEO LinkMonster , Unique Article Wizard and the likes,  are a network of blogs that each exchange standard, usually low quality content with one another for easy automated backlinks. This is a good way to build backlinks to your site and shoot you up the rankings, but adds no value to your readers or to your reputation as an expert in you niche, and I doubt it you see direct traffic from this method.

Content Facilitator Connects Real Blogs, With Real Writers

Content facilitator Blogs  are REAL blogs with a real audience that WANT to
publish your high quality content to impress their

How Does Content Facilitator Work?

There are two parts to Content Facilitators: Publishers and Submitters.

Publishers can browse through the Content Facilitators MarketPlace and find relevant content in their niche. Each time you publish someone else’s content you earn 4$ credits to submit your own articles to the marketplace.

Once you’re set, you may assign blogs to your account that you wish to publish posts on, then head over to the posts marketplace and find relevant posts. You’ll be able to view the post before publishing it on your site.

Submitters, content creators who wish to get their content publish may get 4$ credits for submitting their content by publishing other marketers content on their sites or by buying credits. Each article you submit may include up to two links which should include you best keyword as anchor text for maximum effectiveness.

You now can access a WYSIWYG editor where you can write , edit and design your guest post.

The really nice feature included here is you have full control over the distribution of your post. you can limit it by dates, by amount of distributions and even make it a unique, one time share by choosing Unique Publishing Rights on the admin panel. Click on the image to see the example:content facilitators submit panel

Content Facilitators Supported Blog Platforms:

At the time of writing, as the network is still new, only wordpress blogs are supported, with the following platforms scheduled to be added in the near future.

  • WordPress (Self-hosted blogs only).
  • WordPress MU and WordPress MS.
  • Blogger (Coming Soon)
  • Drupal (Coming Soon)
  • Moveable Type (Coming Soon)
  • Type Pad (Coming Soon)
  • Tumblr (Coming Soon)
  • Live Journal (Coming Soon)

Content Facilitators Conclusion

While Content Facilitators network is new , membership numbers have doubled each week since opening. I still have to test it myself and see how it works out for me over time, but it does seem like a good opportunity to score quality relevant backlinks to your site , generate traffic and get more exposure in your niche.

Have a look at it, see for yourself if it’s effective and worth your time and effort.

Join Content Facilitators Now and Get 50$ Advertising Credits

1. Join Content Facilitators through this link and sign up.

2. Head to  the “Get Credits > Use Coupon” section and
enter the following into the respective field:

Coupon: DistributeMe

That’s it, you’re done and ready to go, and have enough credits to get started ,test it and see if it fits your needs.

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