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 How To Create Great Authoritative Content In No Time

One of the hardest and most time consuming tasks of any marketer and blog owner is creating valuable content. Just think of what it takes to create a single blog post. You have to do some research and make sure you know what you write about, You have to do some keyword research if you want your content to be found on the search engines. Better site optimization means adding relevant videos and images to your site. It also means linking your blog post to relevant authority sites in your niche to add value to your readers.

This whole process can be, as you may already know, very time consuming.

Now, post Panda and Penguin updates, Google “rewards” authority sites, ones with high volume of quality original content. That means that in order to gain better ranking, you want to keep your blog updated and write valuable content on regular basis.


Where is your content coming from?
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This can be real time consuming, especially If you own multiple blogs. Many website owners relay on PLR materials, regurgitated content, or an outsource writer from an exotic country as a source of their content, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, and actually provide value to your readers, you better do it yourself.  One of the best ways to overcome these hurdles, is by curating content

Content Curation Definition:

the process of analyzing and sorting Web content and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. (Definition source: www.bethkanter.org/content-curation-101/)

Content Curation in other words means  taking content from another source, posting it on your site, and add your own content to make it original. just like I’ve demonstrated on the citation above.

Adding content of your own is essential if you want to rank high on Google for that particular post. The idea is to make the article original enough, adding more value to your readers, that you may actually outrank your content resources.

Why should you curate content on your site:

It’s a good idea to mix curated content with original content. In fact, content curating is a great way to extend your own site, but only in addition to—not instead of—your original content.

Rule of thumb: Pure creation is demanding. Pure automation doesn’t engage. Curating provides the best of both worlds. Here are some content curation tips.”

More at How Social Content Attracts and Engages More Customers

Adds Credibility: People like listening to figures they know and trust. By using widely known sites and writers as your source of content you’d be able to add credibility to your own site as well.
Adds Authority: demonstrate authority and credibility using well known figures and resources in your niche.
Adds Value To Your Readers, enrich your site with quality, credible, relevant resource.
Saves Time

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Content Curation Basics:

– Make sure the content you curate adds value to your post and to your readers.

– Make sure your curated content actually supports what you’re promoting and saying.

Avoid curating from your direct competitors as you promote their sites by doing so.

Content Curation Resources:content curation search

1. Google.
Obvious right, but remember what we said about avoiding promoting your competitors.  You want to get content from authority sites.
Here’s a quick way to find out whether you’re looking at a niche site or an authority site:

– Type your keyword
– Have a look at the URLs and avoid those with exact much domain (EMD). Those site commonly are niche sites , and not only you will find it hard to find quality content on them, you will promote your direct competitors, and probably won’t add that much credibility to your own.

Other Google Resources: Google AlertsGoogle News or Google Reader

2. YouTube, and other Video Sharing Sites
Adding videos not only adds value to your site, by delivering the content in a different method, it sometimes is perceived as authoritative even when delivering the same content as the written worlds. Once again you want to be able to filter through affiliate, promotional videos, and make sure these are coming from authoritative resources.

3. Images

– Find relevant images that you can use without violating the terms of use.
– Make sure you attribute the creator and link back when necessary.
– You may find relevant images at Flickr, Google Images, and other photo sharing sites

4. News Aggregators such as TechmemeAlltop and  popurls,

5. Press release distribution services: PRWebPRNewswire, or Marketwire

6. Document Sharing Sites, such as PDF Sharing Sites,   Or Slide Presentation Sharing Sites

 Content Curation Software and Tools:

Online Curation Services: FlipboardScoop.itStorify

Desktop Curation Software: PageOneCurator

Images Curation Plugin: Image Impressor

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