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Dec 112011

CB Surge : Intelligent ClickBank Analytics Tool

Find Profitable Trendy ClickBank Products in Minutes

CB Surge is a new market research product developed by Brad Callen and designed to immediately analyze clickbank products and help you decide which ClickBank product is best to promote. Using CB Surge you’d be able to quickly identify hot and profitable clickbank affiliate programs saving you time and effort both on market research and on picking the wrong  product to promote.


How Will CB Surge Help You?

Promoting ClickBank products is one of the most popular trends in internet marketing. Choosing the right ClickBank product to promote is not always that easy considering there are thousands of different products in various different niches.

So how can you really know which clickbank products to promote?

When you search the clickbank marketplace for a product to promote, there are some statistics such as gravity, initial sale, commission paid and others that help you make your mind up.

Learn more on analyzing clickbank marketplace,

The problem is, filtering the grabity stats for high levels, doesn’t show you what is hot or not. You get to know what is clickbank product is making the most amount of money to its owner, but what you want to know is which clickbank product is making the most amount of money to its affiliates, and the best place to be as a marketer is knowing the trends and where the wind blows before most of the crowd.

Stop wasting your time on promoting products that do not sell!

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Analyze gravity with CB Surge




CB Surge Review:

CB Sure is a Firefox plugin you can download immediately for free. You will be asked to register your name and email to get access to the plugin.

Once you restart Firefox and log in to your clickbank account you’ll notice 3 more buttons have been added:

  • Top Gravity: what CB products have the highest gravity.
  • Top Movers: The top ClickBank product that have increased their gravity within the last 24 hours. These essentially are the hottest products in clickbank.
  • Top Shakers: The CB products that have decreased the most in the past 24 hours. These are products you may consider not to promote.

*Red Marked: Paid version*

Additionally you get a detailed analytics for each ClickBank product: These CB  analytics tools will allow you to look into the products statistics and figure out the trends during a long period time.

Knowing how the product sells through long terms allows you to build a long lasting business promoting this product.

This doesn’t stop there, using CB Surge properly you’d be able to brainstorm the most effective keywords to help you promote the product, saving you a lot of time, and even money on promoting highly competitive, or not effective keywords.cb surge analytics results

CB Surge Pros:

The CB Surge Free Version has tons of tools you can use and is more than enough to start with, but, if you choose to upgrade to the pro version you’re in for a real treat:

  • You get access to more ClickBank analytic tools that will speed up the process such as the Tops Shakers and Tops Movers, and long term stats you do not have access to with your Free CB Surge membership.
  • You also get your affiliate link embedded in the software. That means your links will appear on any clickbank product your referred clients see in the ClickBank Marketplace. Your link will even show when your referred clients promote the product, so potentially you have a great way of leveraging from your membership.

CB Surge Requirements:

CB Surge Pros:

I think enough has been said about it here. To sum it up, it saves you a great amount of time analyzing clickbank products and choosing which ones to promote. It allows for keyword research for a product for faster ‘more effective promoting results. Finally, it offers a great business opportunity by itself, promoting it and promoting products through it.

CB Surge Cons:

It’s been pretty hard to find some bad things to say about this little add on. The only thing I can think of is it doesn’t work on Explore, so you’ll have to use Firefox, but then again, why wouldn’t you?

CB Surge Review Conclusion:

It’s a no brainier, download it free, give it a try and if you’re serious about affiliate marketing you’ll be happy to spend a few extra green ones and upgrade it.

CB Surge Free

CB Surge free account will open up certain tools that you’ll instantly find useful. This free account is not a trial account,and has unlimited use, unless, of course you wish to take full advantage or cg surge pro.

Click Here to give CB Surge a try.

CB Surge Bonus:

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