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CB Press : WP Plugin Shows All Related Products For Easy Monetization

CB Press is a new WordPress monetization plugin that has just been released. I took this bad boy on a little test drive and I’d like to share my thoughts with you guys. CB Press is a site monetization platform that will allow you to quickly display any ClickBank product from the ClickBank Marketplace directly on your site. In fact, it will allow you to import and display any product you choose ( even non ClickBank products) with  relative ease.
CB Press has a tons of features to allow you to optimize these ads for maximum conversion. This will enable you to quickly monetize your site for easy profits.

cb press - clickbank marketplace on your site

CB Press Review

CB Press offers a monetization solution that works in any niche. There are many features on this plugin to ensure high conversion and personalization but to sum it up, it enables you to display targeted clickbank products on you blog posts using shortcodes. In fact, you can display the entire ClickBank marketplace on designated pages of  your blog it you want to, where all products have you affiliate links. But there really is much more to it than just that. So let’s review some of the features that make CBPress a worthy investment.

CB Press Demo

There are so many features on this plugin, I thought its best you see how it works. here’s a quick CB Press demo:

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CB Press Feature

Push-Button Marketplace Updates

This Guarantees you always show the relevant, active products on the ClickBank Marketplace.

Customizable Titles and Descriptions

Product Filtering

Filter products by gravity, commission, recurring sales and rank. make sure you’re directing your customers to products that convert best and return the highest ROI.

Customizable Products

Gain complete control over which products to display, delete those who don’t deliver to assure maximum success.

Create Custom Product Lists

Custom lists are similar to ad blocks. They give you an easy way to group ClickBank products together that you want to promote and place them on your blog using shorcodes.

CB Press Theme Syncing

Have complete control over the design, looks and feel of your ClickBank Ads to increase conversion rate.

Hoplink Cloaking

Cloak Hoplinks to prevent affiliate commission theft.

Click Tracking

Basic click tracking allows you to see which products in your ClickBank Marketplace are getting clicked and how many times.

CB Press Conclusion:

I have tested CB Press on some of my blogs and it looks great. If you know your basic way around ClickBank and how to find the right ClickBank products to promote this will be a killer addition to your site.
When it comes to promoting Clickbank products, it’s vital you filter through the deadwood. It is essential when you write reviews, and would be of great significance when displaying ads. You want to present your readers with only top-notch, related and highly converting products. Otherwise, the time, money and effort you put in to getting your costumers to see these ads, will simply be wasted.

CB Press does a wonderful job at enabling you to display exactly what you think is best for you and for your costumers.
This plugin will work really well on monetizing old posts you have in a few click by using the widget area, or better yet, monetize an auto blog with no time.

Cb Press Free Demo Download

Don’t you love trying out stuff before you make your decisions? well this one is a no brainer. On top of the 60 days money back guarantee you will also be able to download the plugin for free and test it out. You will get the full version to test it out, though the links will not be your own affiliate links until you buy the plugin. If you see it fits your needs, activate it and the links will turn into  your own affiliate links.

Download CB Press

CB Press Bonus

 Fill out the bonus form with all the details necessary for your purchase and receive:


CB Press Bonus

Learn More about your CB Press Bonus.

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CB Press Rating:

Please rate CB Press , leave a comment and help others make a wise decision about this product.

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