Internet marketing strategies can often be very confusing. Choosing the right marketing strategy that fits your needs is just as challenging as implementing it.
Making money online isn’t as easy as it often seems to be.
With all different marketing strategies to choose from , many marketers lose focus on what they should do best and often venture to other areas of marketing without fully implementing every step of the process.
Our goal here is to introduce you to marketing strategies that have been proven to work. Most of these strategies can be implemented using free marketing products , but we will also introduce you to paid services that will dramatically increase your effectiveness, save you time and enable you to rinse and repeat these strategies and mass scale it to make even more money from them.

Apr 192014
Three Money Saving Facebook Ad Bidding Strategies

In this short video Lisa Allen reveals 3 smart strategies that will dramatically reduce you Facebook Ads bidding prices and save you a lot of money.       Overview of Facebook pricing strategies. 0:00- 3.50 mins The main differences between CPV and CPM CPC Recommended Bid (Fast Start) 3:51- 5:32 mins This strategy enables […]

Apr 092014
How To Find LSI Keywords Using Google Docs

In this awesome tutorial , fellow marketer Abbas Ravji shares a very useful FREE method to extract hidden LSI keywords using nothing but your own google account.       Use these extracted keywords to create a comprehensive site structure, and include them on the content you create for each main keyword you target. Abbas […]

Jul 092013
SociSynd Demo: How SociSynd Works

A Walk through Video Demo of SociSynd SociSynd is an automated content syndication solution promising to generate tons of high authority social media backlinks and traffic to boost your ranking and sites recognition. Social signals has significant influence on the way Google perceives your site and content thus effects your ranking. Abbas Ravi, the creator of […]

Jul 192012
How To Get RSS URL From Different Sites

How to Get RSS Feed URL from Different Sites, and Use if For Backlinks

RSS Feeds can be a great source of traffic, backlinks, and content. Learn where to get RSS Feeds, and how to take advantage of them

Dec 232011
Niche Definition - What is a niche?

 Understand What Niche is and Improve Your Market Research Strategies

Find out what is the niche definition and how understanding what a niche is can help you with internet marketing, market research and  save your time, money and effort