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Jan 282012

Blog Content Buddy- Free AutoBlogging Plugin and Marketing Training

Blog Content Buddy, is a  new software from the top-rated get-traffic service, Traffic Kaboom. This new auto blogging plugin will add quality selective content to your sites. In this review I will show you how you can make the best out of this free tool to create backlinks to your sites, drive traffic and increase your income on autopilot.

Blog Content Buddy

Blog Content Buddy : Free Plugin, Free Marketing Tutorials

Blog Content Buddy is a free premium WordPress plugin. You will first need to sign up a free account and download the plugin. Once you log in you’ll get access to the Blog Content Buddy Plugin and a massive free marketing tutorials collection for both newbies and experienced marketers. This Free marketing alone is worth quite a lot, and although information there is common knowledge for the experienced marketers, it is very well explained and organized and I can see how most marketers can benefit from it.

Blog Content Buddy Review

Blog Content Buddy Plugin is an auto blogging plugin. It allows you to grab content from various sources of the web and publish it on your site. The main content is provided from within the Traffic Kaboom network , hence it is human written, quality content. Additional advance features enable you to get content from other sources like Youtube,  Amazon, Ebay Datafeeds and PLR articles so you’d be able to monetize your blog on autopilot, although some of those features require you to have a Traffic Kaboom account.

Installation and Set up

I will not go over the entire set up process as you will have access to installation , set up and marketing tips tutorials and videos directly from within your members area.  I will say that I have installed it on a few of my blogs, and tested it out.  Installation is similar to any other WordPress plugin. Set up is very straight forward and took me about 5 minutes to complete on each blog I tested, once I learned it and figured it out. All set up steps are accompanied by step by step instructions that are very easy to follow.

Blog Content Buddy offers a lot of control over what content you post , where and how you post it.

Once you install the plugin and set it up, you’d be able to pick categories from which the software will fetch its content.
You will then be able to associate each category with your own blogs categories, so all content published from a chosen category will be automatically categorized.
For example, you’d be able to get all the “pets” content that Blog Content Buddy provides to appear in your “pets news” category.

Blog Content Buddy will then allow you to filter results by adding selective keywords you want to target or avoid from within these categories, assuring you publish relevant content on each category of your blog.

Finally, you have total control over how many posts you wish to publish each day.

How to Take Full Advantage Of Blog Content Buddy?

Auto blogging is a great way to get content on your blog with little effort. I wouldn’t install this plugin on any blog though and I will use it with some restrictions:

You want to have some original, optimized content on your site.

– Do a market research, find a niche and products you wish to promote and write 5-10 good content posts that target your main keywords and include a strict call to action to your product.
– Do a basic promotion, get your site indexed, submit sitemaps, generate some backlinks to your site.
– Do not monetize your site or auto blog it before it is indexed and found by the search engines.

Monetize Your Site

Once you get indexed, monetize your site, adding Ad-sense,Amazon and other affiliate network ads on your blogs template.

Create Costume Category For Blog Content Buddy

I will do so to have more control over the looks, the ads, and the attributes of the posts. I will make this category no-index so search engines will not crawl to these post and find duplicate content.
This content is strictly for visitors .

Connect Your Blog To Social Networks

Using and HootSuit you will be able to automatically push all your posts to your social accounts, so your followers will receive updates of content added to your site, they might find useful.
This simple set up allows you to build numerous Backlinks to your site , keep you blog and social accounts active and be a great source of traffic.

Optimize Your RSS FEEDS:

I highly recommend testing RSS Link Bomber as it worked great for me and will work exceptionally well on auto blogs.  With this plugin you’d be able to add costume links on each of your posts ( top, bottom and  in the feed). This links may be spinned and should include your main keywords. This means that whenever you post a new article via Blog Content Buddy, it will automatically include an optimized link to wherever you want.

Additionally, each post has its own feed and its automatically submitted to RSS aggreagators so you get lots of great backlinks on autopilot.

Do Some Basic RSS Marketing

Submit your feeds to rss directories, Use Pingler to automatically ping them on predefined time frame to make sure search engines are aware of changes in your blog.

Blog Content Buddy Conclusion

Blog Content Buddy will get some of the old blogs you have back into action. The FREE training will get you started if you’re a newbie and the free software is a great bonus to any blog.
I will highly recommend testing it on your blogs, see if the content you receive is of any value to your readers, and if you want to take advantage of its advance features.

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