Feb 062012

Newsletters and Autoresponder Services Comparison chart.

Autoresponders allow automation of newsletters and updates and are an important internet marketing strategy for any online business. Ask any marketer and he’ll tell you the money’s in the list, implying that using autoresponders you’ll greatly increase your conversion and chances of making repetitive sales.

I’ve been often asked which autoresponder service is best recommended. Of numerous autoresponder services I’ve chosen to highlight the top 3 services in my view and compare their services for you.

Click on each autoresponder service to learn more about it and found out how other marketers rank it.

Product Aweber GetResponse Icontact
Monthly Pricing Plans
Trial 1$ for 30 days No Trial Period Free Edition Account
Up to 500 Contacts 19$ 11.48$ Free Edition Account
$10.00 (With Full Features)
Up to 1000 Contacts 29$ 14.76$ 19$
Up to 2500 Contacts 29$ 20.5$ 29$
Up to 5000 Contacts 49$ 36.9$ 47$
Up to 10000 Contacts 69$ 53.5$ 74$
Up to 25000 Contacts 149$ 118.9$ 149$
Real-contact Management Features
Import Mailing List
Auto Detect Duplicate Emails
Add Custom Demographic Fields
Require Opt-in
Email Creation Features
Email Setup Wizard
Supports Unicode
add Images

Autoresponder Services Conclusion

List Building and email marketing are important aspects for any marketer in any niche,and can greatly increase your sales , conversion and content exposure. By providing returning customers additional information in the areas they are most interested in you’ll gain reputation and credibility that can lead to more sales, and allow you to expose your list to other content they otherwise would not find.

If you’re new to list building and email marketing, it might be wise to get a free trial from those autoresponder services that offer one, learn the basics of email marketing and see if that works for you.

There are many strategies to building list of costumers which we discuss in other posts, but the main principle applies to all and requires this major aspects:

– You need a good system to attract your costumers to join your list. This is widely done by offering a certain bribe, gift free knowledge and so on. Then you want to be able to manage your lists easily.

– You need to set up a series of followup letters that will enable you to connect with your subscribers on regular basis automatically.

By providing your list valuable content you keep building your reputation and credibility, which ultimately leads to much greater response rate and higher conversions.

After all, when you shop online, you prefer buying your stuff from someone you trust and respect , right?

All Autoresponder services will manage those two major aspect

Autoresponder and List Building tips