Mar 162012

Link tracking services will help you learn more about your business and marketing efforts.

Do you really know if your money and efforts invested wisely in your internet marketing strategies?

Do you know what works best for you? How can you tell if you’re not wasting time and money that can be better spent somewhere else?

Check out these link tracking services that will help you fine tune your efforts, save time and money on your marketing campaigns.

Product HyperTracker LinkTrack LinkTrackr
Free Trial for 14 days for 1 year
Packages Starts from $19.95/month Starts from $6.95/month Starts from $76/year
Tracking Link Limits 128 Unlimited 10-Unlimited
Real-Time Reporting
Vanity Link Options
Use Your Own Domain Name
Custom Home Page
Conversion Tracking
A/B Split Testing
Ability to Change Target URLs in Links
Ability to Provide Access to Reports to Others
Viral Marketing

Advertising tracking conclusion

Advertising tracking is an important step towards maximizing your effectiveness and learning what internet marketing strategies really work best for you. These relatively small fees can be worth a lot more than guessing what works and what not should you do without them. Protecting your affiliate links by hiding links, commonly known as link cloaking is important to make sure your affiliates links stay private, and to increase conversion as you can customize your links to your likes. Each of these selected advertising tracking has its own pros and cons, and you can learn more about them on our reviews, and leave your own opinion about it. As all advertising tracking services come with a free trial period, I’d highly recommend trying out their services and see if it fits your needs.