1 Click WP SEO Review

Mar 012012

1 Click WP SEO – Automate Multiple Post Optimization

Onsite SEO is something bloggers are often overlook, or simply perceive as hard or tedious. The truth is , Onsite SEO is not that hard to do. There are certain key factors that determine the level of optimization of your site and posts, and once you follow the steps and assure each factor is being taken care of, you give your content better chances of being rankedĀ  higher on the search engine. Onsite SEO is responsible to about 20% of the weight of all combined factors search engines take under account when ranking your site, and should not be overlooked.

1 click wo seo plugin

1 Click WP SEO plugin is a new plugin that is designed specifically for optimizing your posts for search engines by hitting all the key factor contributing to content optimization.

The beauty of this little plugin is it is all done with 1 click, and you can optimize multiple posts simultaneously.

Here’s how the 1 Click WP SEO plugin works

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You have two main options to automatically optimize your posts:

1. Automatically Optimize multiple posts using the same SEO factors.


1 click seo factors toolbar

– Navigate to the 1 Click WP SEO Plugin options: ( www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=OneClickSeo)

– Pick what SEO factors you want the plugin to automatically optimize

– Choose your best keyword for each post.

– Press Optimize.

One click seo plugin

2. Optimize each post from within the edit panel.

If you want to individually optimize each post, or use the plugin while writing a new post, this is done easily with this tool

Who is 1 Click WP SEO Plugin For?one click seo wp plugin

– One Click SEO can really speed up On Site SEO, and would be very valuable especially for inexperienced SEO marketers.

– If you’re lazy about your on site SEO efforts.

– If you have many old blog posts you wish to optimize in a single click.

– Optimizing auto blogs post.

-You can even use this plugin as an SEO service you offer to your offline clients, install it on their site and do your magic in a click (you’ll need the developer license)

One Click WP SEO Plugin Pros:

I can see myself put it to use especially on old forgotten post, saving tons of time on running through each and optimizing it. I’d definitely try One Click WP SEO on auto blogs and see if I can get better SEO scores on them.

One Click WP SEO Plugin Cons:

I like to write my posts my own way, optimizing them in places I see fit, and making sure the human experience is not compromised on the process. I will not want to rely on a plugin to do this automatically for me on new posts.
If you’re looking for a great Onsite SEO tool that will show you where you need to improve your SEO efforts and what factors have yet been met, I suggest you give SEOPressor a try, I have been useing it on my sites and have seen great improvements in rankings.


1 Click WP SEO is a very effective, time-saving plugin that will speed up your on site SEO efforts. I can see great value in using it on auto blogs and old forgotten posts that need a little SEO tune-up. If you’re looking for more control on you contents look and feel I suggest trying some other plugins such as the one mentioned above.

But don’t take my word for it, we all have different needs and perspectives on things.
Please click this link and see it for yourself. You can download the demo version from this link and try it on your site ( only admin will see changes on the post preview, no real changes will take place).

Please Give 1 click WP SEO Plugin you vote , comments, and tell us what you think of it.

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